• Stop fracking in the UK
    It is very important to stop this industry to protect our population of humans, wildlife, farms and livestock from the pollution of land, water and air from the deadly gas's and chemicals associated with this industry. It is vital that we do not start another dirty industry when we have so many other well established unsustainable polluting industrys we already need to deal with urgently. We need to secure the future for everyone and it is irresponsible to keep looking at finite fossil fuels and dangerous nuclear for future energy. All our energy and energy funding needs to be put in to installing and designing new sustainable alternatives now, while we still have the old working systems in place. The present systems are unsustainable and dirty, we all know this let's pull together pull the wool from our eyes and do something about it!
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    Created by Dan Payne
  • Fossil Fuel Use Fee and Dividend
    The level of fossil fuel pollution (chiefly CO2) in the atmosphere is already affecting the planet's climate and the amount continues to climb rapidly. The prospects for coming generations do not look good. Our grandchildren and theirs deserve a better planet to live on than the one we are now creating. All of the programs that endeavor to reduce society's use of fossil fuels are aimed at specific targets and are like trying to change the course of a great river by shoving twigs into the bottom. Some of these endeavors may be quite successful but the fossil fuels industries and their customers quickly find ways around them. A universal response is needed if we are to stop the environmental and economic devastation that continued use of fossil fuels will bring. We need an economic dam across the face of our fossil fuel addiction. To get everyone on board in reducing the amounts of fossil fuels they use, the government should get involved by legislating a fee/dividend combination. The fee, quite a harsh one, would be phased in over three years and would be levied against the amount of fossil fuel that came into the economy at the wellhead, mine entrance, or port of entry. That way everyone, from original producer to final customer, would be affected by the fee. 95% of the collected fees would be returned to the citizenry equally in the same way the Alaskan oil dividend is done now. The fee/dividend combination would penalize the greatest users of fossil fuels and reward those who used little. Everyone would be involved trying to maximize their economic advantage by minimizing the fees they paid. Once this dam was constructed, simple economic forces would entice each individual to use as little fossil fuels as possible.
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    Created by Mike Tabony
  • Establish a carbon tax Now
    I was shocked to see about three weeks ago that there was only one climate change petition on the WH website and only 3 energy related petitions. I think there should be a continuous effort to keep a carbon tax petition on the WH website to show that ordinary people are supporting this kind of tax and support economic incentives to move away from an oil and gas based economy. The description of the petition on the website is simple: It is time to use economic incentives to reduce the use of fossil files to the most essential purposes and encourage the expansion of renewable energy for everything else. The actual cost to society for the environmental damage caused by carbon emissions is increasing daily. We will need to have a reserve to help offset the cost of repairing the environmental damage caused by CO2 emissions.
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    Created by Laura Byergo
  • Defeat SENATE BILL 13-021 that gives oil & gas eminent domain in CO
    SENATE BILL 13-021 will give oil and gas companies rights of eminent domain over private and public property for usage of their commercial pipelines for fracking and other extraction without any public input whatsoever. If this goes through, none of the front range cities who have voted to ban fracking within city limits or any of our public lands will be safe from intrusive commercial oil and gas extraction. We want the legislature to vote against SENATE BILL 13-021
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    Created by susan peirce
  • Say NO to an Oil Terminal in Vancouver WA
    The proposed oil terminal would bring five miles of oil trains through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge to Vancouver every day. The oil would be transferred to tanks, and then barges or ships to be taken to California or maybe abroad. The Oil Terminal and Oil Trains would: • Kill two jobs for each job it might create • Endanger a million people with trains that explode • Kill the Vancouver Waterfront Development • Change Vancouver from green to grimy • Endanger our salmon industry • Depress downtown development in Vancouver • Degrade air quality and endanger our health Furthermore it is urgent that we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We should not build more fossil fuel infrastructure. All the car makers have cars in production that exceed 80 MPG equivalent. We don’t even need the oil.
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    Created by Don Steinke
  • Our New Deal: Green our Jobs, Not Big Business Pockets
    We are being left behind in the global race for renewable and sustainable energies. While we continue to subsidize and prioritize dirty fuels that are destroying precious resources,other countries are creating jobs and new industry for the future. It's time we embrace the future and start shaping what we want it to be, instead of business as usual shaping the future for us.
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    Created by Stacey Digges
  • Stop Dirty Energy Development in Santa Barbara!
    The fossil fuel industry has recently targeted California's Monterey Shale and other heavy oil reserves as their latest get-rich-quick scheme. They've calculated that there are 15.4 billion barrels of dirty oil underneath our feet -- about as much as would flow through the Keystone XL Pipeline over 40 years if it were approved. The industry plans on using "enhanced techniques" to get at this oil, such as fracking, cyclic steam injection, and acidization. Each of these techniques is dangerous and unnecessary. This expansion project alone would generate 88,000 tons of global warming pollution per year, or the equivalent of an additional 17,000 cars on Santa Barbara County roads. And that's just to get the oil out of the ground! Nobody has calculated the emissions from transporting, refining and burning this dirty oil. The Santa Maria expansion project would inject 300,000 gallons of water per day to heat up the oily sludge underground. That's water our farmers would otherwise use for irrigation. Santa Barbara county has a choice: do we prioritize renewable energy and scarce natural resources, or do we keep investing in dirty, dangerous fossil fuels?
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    Created by Max Golding