• Hear My Voice. Agree on Climate Action in Paris.
    Global accords between nations take many years to develop, and many more years to ratify, implement and ultimately benefit from. This one cannot wait any longer. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference of the parties in Paris 2015 (COP21) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our leaders to take action and create real and lasting change that benefits everyone, everywhere. There is a lot of work left to be done. But there has also been a lot of progress since Kyoto in 1997, Copenhagen in 2009, and Lima in December 2014. Lima began the negotiation and drafting of a landmark agreement to be signed at the Paris conference. The goal is in sight. We cannot miss this opportunity. We must stand up, raise our voices, and demand that our leaders agree on climate action once and for all.
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  • Políticas ambientales en la UNALM
    El respaldo científico del cambio climático es innegable, como lo son también sus consecuencias y no sólo esta afectando a la economía, sino que también atenta contra nuestra supervivencia como especie humana. Como futuros profesionales, nos vemos vulnerados por las consecuencias del cambio climático en nuestro país y por las políticas nacionales ineficientes que no mitigan el cambio climático y le dan impunidad a las transnacionales afectando la seguridad alimentaria de las comunidades, atentando contra sus vidas y contaminado el ecosistema, es decir, estas no velan por nuestro bienestar colectivo. Es imperante que organicemos un frente a nuestro gobierno aportando soluciones al cambio climático desde el conocimiento especializado y respaldado por un presupuesto para la investigación. El campo laboral de nuestra generación nos depara grandes retos debido a la importancia de la sostenibilidad de las empresas que hoy en día están teniendo mayor importancia entre los ciudadanos alrededor de todo el mundo y sería beneficioso recibir esa formación desde la universidad.
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  • Reduce Stone Construction Landfill Pollution
    When stone waste ends up in our overcrowded landfills, it does not disintegrate and creates dead space which further pollutes our environment. To consider crushing stone waste into aggregate that ends up under our highways is irresponsible as stone is mined from the earth's crust and takes millions of years to form. Manufacturing stone waste into green building materials will create jobs for our most vulnerable citizens that need jobs - the inner city poor, formerly incarcerated, and jobless who are in desperate need of opportunities as most low skilled labor is off-shored to China. These jobs would help reduce crime, improve the city's ability to reduce debt, and stop slashing our education budgets.
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    We are the biggest state in the US and can affectassive change. We can set the pace for going clean throughout the US.
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    If we do not begin to take immediate and direct action against fossil fuel and rare Earth mining companies who are continually investing our money into the destruction and exploitation of our natural world and its' resources, we will continue to contribute a further 2ppm of CO2 to our atmosphere per annum, to the already 400ppm of atmospheric CO2 in the atmosphere. All over the world people are experiencing the impact of climate change, and these impacts are gradually worsening. Our atmosphere will continue to warm at an exponential rate as emissions of greenhouse gases increase. The biodiversity of our planet is already undergoing numerous changes in composition and environmental pressure due to human intervention and exploitation, which is causing a continuous rate of decline in global biodiversity. Newcastle University are not alone in their investment in fossil fuels. This is a global phenomenon that must be brought to heed so that the safety of our planet and our species can be preserved for future generations. Divestment is but scratching the surface of what we can do for our planet, and without Universities who promote Sustainable development making this leap - we will not make the greatest leap of all human innovation - the mastery of cleaner, more renewable energy sources.
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  • Carbon Tax for a Healthy World and Green Economy
    This is the single most effective policy to lower emissions while enabling the economy to transition to a cleaner and greener energy future. It uses the market to reorganize human endeavor, to seriously lower greenhouse emissions, while creating opportunity for millions of people to do the important transition work! It strengthens the divestment work, by making divestment the best financial as well as moral choice. It strengthens renewable energy efforts, as well as making coal and fracked gas less viable. We need this as part of the solution! It is working in British Columbia and Ireland already, with proven track records! Let us do this right, for the Earth and for the humans! We need to be sure that: * the carbon tax is high enough to make a difference * the revenue goes to lower taxes on work, to create jobs * fracked gas is charged on leaked methane as well as carbon dioxide With these three basics, a carbon tax will help to transition our economy into a healthy future!
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  • Foot paths and Bicycle Tracks shoud be mandatory for urban roads
    The last mile mobility should not be by Fossil Fuel powered vehicles. The rate of growth of cars and 2 wheelers powered by petroleum products is contributing to the dangerous raise of green house gases and fast raise of global temperatures. More immediate effect is urban heat Islands that is making life in cities unbearable during summer months. So a shit to pedal power and walking is to be encouraged by design of the roads.
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    Created by George C Paul
  • BBC news reporting should feature a regular climate change report
    The BBC has a responsibility to licence fee payers to report items of interest to the general public. Arguably, the single most important newsworthy item both now, and into the foreseeable future, is global warming and climate change. Now, more than ever, national -- and international -- education on the facts of human-induced climate change is ever more relevant for informed debate on action. The BBC is perfectly placed to take a leadership role in this important area. Featuring a climate change report in the BBC's standard programming schedule would be immensely useful in counteracting the ongoing, and very damaging, effects of myths and misinformation.
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    Created by Colin Reynolds
  • Green Heart Mission T&T: As our first goal, let us recycle FULL HEARTEDLY.
    Recycling is of utmost importance because, if done properly, economy and the environment grow more quickly when grown together as illustrated below: 1-a) Smaller negative environmental impact with regards to: water(one of the major renewables) being polluted by landfills via batteries, mercury, lead and other hazardous chemicals from companies and agriculture. Proper methods of disposal in combination with recycling leads to a great creation of jobs and better health for the citizens; for example: more fishermen and women catch healthier fishes in a more widespread area, recycling hazardous waste prevents it from going into the landfill where it seeps into the ground and damages the local ecosystem and water supply. 1-b) Smaller negative environmental impact with regards to: the action of recycling substantially cuts back on logging and mining(e.g less raw materials required in producing glass) which are destructive to wildlife habitats. In turn illegal quarrying in our twin islands will be more easily curbed. 1-c) Smaller negative environmental impact with regards to: Straight out of the mouth of the National Recycling Coalition, “When one ton of steel is recycled, 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone are conserved.” which means that importation costs will be significantly minimized. 2) Direct creation of jobs: statistics show that, AT LEAST, for every 1 job in waste management there could be 4 jobs in the recycling industry instead. 3) Much smaller carbon footprint AND energy usage during production of materials. For example: If a soda company has the resources to produce aluminum cans from recycled material it will reduce its energy consumption by approximately 95%. For plastic bottles, recycling saves the company up to 70% in energy usage. Aluminum can be efficiently recycled to 100% of the material if done properly! 4) Divestment from landfills in place of the above: with rising sea levels, the areas which are being landfilled will be the ones initially affected by the rising sea level...think future! 5) The more people recycle, the less companies have to spend to sell their products, and thus the less goods will cost. 6) Recycling encourages less littering which means a cleaner, more touristic T&T which in turn means more foreign currencies entering our twin islands. 7) If the country works together, meaning to say: government, leaders of different sectors, families, individuals, etc we truly do become one nation which is our motto...together we aspire, together we achieve. #GreenHeartMission
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  • Shift our town away from dirty coal and toward renewables by 2017
    This is important because our current energy source, petroleum, is not sustainable and more importantly, it is causing climate change. 97% of all atmospheric scientists agree that climate change is correlated to carbon emissions. This is settled science, but it has become politicized, and that is why most people will not accept that this is happening. In 20 years, the next generation may not be able to see what a real snow year look like out west. We may not be able to farm out here anymore. Cities like LA or Las Vegas may not even exist anymore. This is important. It starts will small decisions now, like choosing to invest in renewable energy like wind a solar, that will help build a better future.
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    Created by Trent Mahaffey
  • Non aux sables bitumineux - Oléoduc Trans-Canada - ports pétroliers sur le fleuve St-Laurent.
    C'est important pour aider à réduire les gaz à effets de serres, assurer un avenir plus propre aux générations futures et protéger notre eau potable, nos milieux humides, la biodiversité de nos parcs, lacs, rivières et forets.
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  • Stop Subsidizing Greenhouse Gas Polluters
    We need to stop incentivizing actions that cause climate change period. We need to stop subsidizing behaviour that wastes natural resources such as fossil fuels, water, land, air, trees etc. We need to start incentivizing actions that will help us to begin to reverse climate change and conserve our natural resources.
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    Created by David Engel