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To: Civic leaders; faith leaders; CEOs; elected officials

A Call to Action on Climate Change

A Call to Action on Climate Change

We are asking civic leaders, faith leaders, CEOs, and elected officials to publicly show agreement to the Global Climate Change Action (GCCA) Call-to-Action: "The climate is becoming dangerously imbalanced due to human interference, and the choices we make in the next two years will determine our future. Now is our moment, before climate disruption becomes irreversible, to stand up for the safety and wellbeing of people — at home and around the world. " (See more at:

Public acknowledgement of this agreement should be done through one or more of the following actions:

1) Inform your constituents, board members, and/or congregations that you agree with the GCCA Call-to_action.

2) Submit letters to the editors of your local papers declaring your agreement with the GCCA Call-to-Action.

3) Post a message showing your agreement with the Call-to_action on your website and/or in one or more of your public spaces - lobby, entryway etc.

4) Encourage others in your community to do the same.

Why is this important?

The scientific consensus on climate change is clear, but the political consensus has lagged. Most of the population agree that climate change is a serious issue that must be addressed, but there has been a well-funded campaign of climate denial; an effort to spread doubt about the science of climate change and attach a political cost to agreeing with the scientific consensus. As a result, the small minority of the population that denies climate change is over represented in our elected officials. Most of our community leaders know that climate change is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed in the near term. Those community leaders need to counter-act the campaign of climate denial and let their voices be clearly heard.


Reasons for signing

  • In the 1970's, intelligent people predicted the effects that we now witness. Shame on the unprincipled and fossil-foolish leadership our culture has had!
  • Love & community.


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