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To: Dr Jim Yong Kim, The World Bank President

Dr Kim, Switch Off TATA Mundra Power Plant.

Dr Kim, Switch Off TATA Mundra Power Plant.

The World Bank’s president Dr Jim Yong Kim, knows that various environmental and policy violations were ignored by IFC to fund a 4000 MW coal based power plant owned by TATA Power Limited.

Why is this important?

Based on complaints from the affected fisher community in Mundra, Gujrat the CAO* did a through study and confirmed these violations.They quoted “CAO also finds that IFC** failed to ensure that its client’s (TATA Power) Environment & Safety assessments adequately considered the risks and impacts of the project on these fisher people. Inadequate consideration of the impact of the project on these in terms of the approach that was taken to consultation and disclosure (which was neither effective or timely)”. According to the report, there is a significant risk of ecological impact due to the project, and the multilateral funding organization ignored the environmental and social risks of a minority community.

It has been more than 6 months since CAO came up with their report and till date neither The World Bank nor TATA Power had made any concrete efforts to undo the wrong done in past.
However we would not let them delay justice any longer. We want them to:

1) Recognize IFC policy violations and the serious impacts of its financing after CAO audit reconfirmed community’s complaint;
2)Develop remedial action plan that has clear timeline, specific targets and monitorable indicators that address restoration and reparation needs; and
3) Withdraw IFC funding immediately from the TATA coal plant and do not consider funding for project expansion.
We want Dr Kim to respond to the demand raised by people and help them get justice.

By signing this petition you can help us a reach a number which Dr Kim and The World Bank can not ignore. So,please help us in creating a pressure on The World Bank by signing and sharing this petition with more and more people.

*Office of the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman
**International Finance Corporation



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