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To: UK Planning (Department for Communities and Local Government)

Encourage sustainable development and promote zero-carbon housing

Encourage sustainable development and promote zero-carbon housing

Actively support individuals and communities that want to move to a zero-carbon existence, build zero-carbon houses and develop personal and community renewable energy sourcing.

Why is this important?

There doesn’t seem to be a week go by now where there is not another significant weather or climate event. Whether its severe flooding, the warmest month or year on record, severe storms, or droughts. There is little doubt that this is caused by climate change. And, there is little doubt that increased CO2 emissions play a significant role.

In the UK, buildings account for around 43% of the national carbon emissions. The urgency of addressing climate change, and general lack of awareness is staggering. UK houses are some of the worst in the developed world. It is dreadful to watch the heat (and CO2) haemorrhaging through doors, windows, walls and roofs. And power stations chocking the atmosphere trying to keep up. It is shocking that the technology exists to almost eliminate this waste, but the UK is decades behind much of the world in using this technology.

From personal experience, we know that it is difficult to gain support for building sustainable buildings (despite central government intentions). Please see for our personal challenge on making a difference.

There is still time. But the next few years are critical. Awareness needs to increase and policies need to be enforced. If we miss our chance the future could be very grim indeed. It feels deeply unethical to do nothing!


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