To: Darren Fisher Member of Parliament for Dartmouth--Cole Harbour

Dartmouth--Cole Harbour: Let's Win Heat Pumps for All!

Everyone deserves to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That’s why we are calling for a Universal Heat Pump Program, overseen by a new publicly-owned entity that produces, distributes, and installs free heat pumps in homes across the country. With built-in tenant protections, this program would save lives, cut our bills, and protect the planet.

Why is this important?

The impacts of the climate crisis are literally on our doorsteps, threatening our health, homes, and communities. We can’t face this disaster alone, and we cannot shoulder the costs as individuals. Our government must make a bold investment in a Universal Heat Pump Program to save lives, cut our bills, and protect the planet.

• HEAT PUMPS SAVE LIVES: Extreme heat is worsening every year, putting our health and safety at risk. Heat pumps could have saved hundreds of lives by keeping people cool during the B.C. Heat Dome of 2021 – and they would save thousands more as climate change continues to worsen. Heat pumps often replace natural gas heating systems, which pose their own health risks. Everyone deserves to be safe in their homes as the climate crisis escalates.

• HEAT PUMPS CUT OUR BILLS: People across Canada are struggling to pay our bills and feed our families as the cost of living spirals out of control. Providing and installing free heat pumps in every household, including rental homes, is a concrete way for the federal government to cut utility costs for ordinary people across the country. We can’t afford to wait any longer.

• HEAT PUMPS PROTECT THE PLANET: Fossil fuels are the root cause of the climate crisis – it’s time to kick Big Oil out of our homes and communities! A Universal Heat Pump Program, powered by affordable renewable energy, will reduce our dependence on oil and gas, cut emissions, and safeguard our planet for future generations.

The federal government must commit to climate solutions that materially improve our lives, both now and in the future. Heat Pumps for All!