People power will solve the climate crisis -- and now everyone can start and win campaigns to protect our common future.

What is 350 Campaigns?

350 Campaigns is an open platform available to anyone and everyone who wants to do their part to solve the climate crisis. Taking on global warming is a HUGE task, so we need people working all over the world on lots of different campaigns to make it happen.

What should I campaign on?

That's up to you -- but here's a few areas that you might want to focus on:

  • Renewable Energy: to fight the climate crisis, we need to rapidly scale up clean, renewable energy like solar and wind power. Could your city, school, or church go 100% Renewable? 
  • Dirty Energy: a reliance on fossil fuels (coal, oil, and gas) threatens to super-heat our planet. Whether it's stopping a pipeline, targeting a corporate polluter, or putting a price on carbon, we need to take on the fossil fuel industry directly. 
  • Climate Impacts: global warming is loading the dice for extreme weather, and around the world communities are being devastated floods, droughts, wildfires, and super-storms. Help connect the dots by launching a campaign targeting the media or political leaders to take strong climate action in the wake of extreme weather. 

Why should I use 350 Campaigns?

You can start campaigns elsewhere, but if you use this platform we will:

  • Help boost your campaign by promoting it to a global network of climate activists.
  • Provide campaigns with strategic consultation on media, grassroots organizing, and more.  
  • Offer specialized support tailored to the unique challenges of climate campaigns.

What makes a good campaign?

Most good campaigns are...

  • Strategic: focus your efforts on the right targets who can make the change you're seeking.
  • Winnable: make sure your efforts aren't futile.
  • Ambitious: aim high enough to make real difference in the fight against the climate crisis. 
  • Timely: so people feel the urgency to act. 
  • Compelling: tell a good, honest story so people sign on and join you. 
  • Hopeful: global warming can be depressing, but the strongest climate campaigns aren't all doom and gloom.