• Against the use of explosives for mining in Pyankasa, Abuja
    Every time a bomb goes off, local residents are in shock. They think it is Boko Haram. Most of the houses are falling apart!
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    Created by Robert Etemiku
  • Improve air quality in India.
    Deep breathing is the solution to many health problems as we inhale fresh and oxygen rich air. But is it true for our nation? Do we have fresh air especially in the cities which are congested, full of vehicles and industries? Air pollution in India is quite a serious issue with the major sources being fuelwood and biomass burning, fuel adulteration, vehicle emission and traffic congestion.Most Indian cities greatly exceed acceptable levels of suspended particulate matter. This may be because of refuse and biomass burning, vehicles, power plant emissions, industrial sources. Most Indian cities continue to violate India's and world air quality PM10 targets. Facts about Air Pollution in India India is the seventh most environmentally unsafe country in the world. Most of the industries do not stick to the environmental guidelines, regulations and laws. Pollution caused by burning fuelwood and biomass is one of the main causes of the Asian brown cloud. This cloud delays the monsoon in India. Many auto rickshaws and taxis in India use adulterated fuel. This is done to lower down the price but it is the environment and ultimately we who have to pay the price back. Some of the adulterants are actually very harmful to the environment as these emit unsafe pollutants which further deteriorate the quality of air. There are more than 40 different types of dangerous pollutants in the engine exhaust (diesel and gas). 70% of the air pollution is caused by vehicles. Burning of fossil fuel such as coal and diesel has reduced the growth of rice harvest in India. India is the third largest producer of coal in the world and at the top as far as CO2 emittance is considered. Causes Thermal Power plants. Fuel adulteration Some Indian taxis and auto-rickshaws run on adulterated fuel blends. Adulteration of gasoline and diesel with lower-priced fuels is common in India.Some adulterants increase emissions of harmful pollutants from vehicles, worsening urban air pollution. Traffic congestion Traffic congestion is severe in India's cities and towns. Traffic congestion is caused for several reasons, some of which are: increase in number of vehicles per kilometer of available road, a lack of intra-city divided-lane highways and intra-city expressways networks, lack of inter-city expressways, traffic accidents and chaos due to poor enforcement of traffic laws. Greenhouse gas emissions Health costs of air pollution Exposure to particulate matter for a long time can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer and heart attacks. Making air better. (solutions) Proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’ appropriately suits to this condition. Pollution must be prevented rather than letting it go and then dealing with it. Strict enforcement of rules. Heavy fines on violators . Making CNG mandatory mandatory. use solar energy Recycle paper, plastic, glass bottles, cardboard, and aluminum cans. (This conserves energy and reduces production emissions.) . Public awareness should be raised and stringent measures should be taken to regulate the vehicular emission. We must use public transport wherever possible, use energy-efficient appliances. Plant more trees
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    Created by Mukund N Rao
  • Shift our town away from dirty coal and toward renewables by 2017
    This is important because our current energy source, petroleum, is not sustainable and more importantly, it is causing climate change. 97% of all atmospheric scientists agree that climate change is correlated to carbon emissions. This is settled science, but it has become politicized, and that is why most people will not accept that this is happening. In 20 years, the next generation may not be able to see what a real snow year look like out west. We may not be able to farm out here anymore. Cities like LA or Las Vegas may not even exist anymore. This is important. It starts will small decisions now, like choosing to invest in renewable energy like wind a solar, that will help build a better future.
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    Created by Trent Mahaffey
  • Non aux sables bitumineux - Oléoduc Trans-Canada - ports pétroliers sur le fleuve St-Laurent.
    C'est important pour aider à réduire les gaz à effets de serres, assurer un avenir plus propre aux générations futures et protéger notre eau potable, nos milieux humides, la biodiversité de nos parcs, lacs, rivières et forets.
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    Created by Céline Lachapelle
  • Stop Subsidizing Greenhouse Gas Polluters
    We need to stop incentivizing actions that cause climate change period. We need to stop subsidizing behaviour that wastes natural resources such as fossil fuels, water, land, air, trees etc. We need to start incentivizing actions that will help us to begin to reverse climate change and conserve our natural resources.
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    Created by David Engel
  • Stop fracking in the UK
    It is very important to stop this industry to protect our population of humans, wildlife, farms and livestock from the pollution of land, water and air from the deadly gas's and chemicals associated with this industry. It is vital that we do not start another dirty industry when we have so many other well established unsustainable polluting industrys we already need to deal with urgently. We need to secure the future for everyone and it is irresponsible to keep looking at finite fossil fuels and dangerous nuclear for future energy. All our energy and energy funding needs to be put in to installing and designing new sustainable alternatives now, while we still have the old working systems in place. The present systems are unsustainable and dirty, we all know this let's pull together pull the wool from our eyes and do something about it!
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    Created by Dan Payne
  • Our New Deal: Green our Jobs, Not Big Business Pockets
    We are being left behind in the global race for renewable and sustainable energies. While we continue to subsidize and prioritize dirty fuels that are destroying precious resources,other countries are creating jobs and new industry for the future. It's time we embrace the future and start shaping what we want it to be, instead of business as usual shaping the future for us.
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    Created by Stacey Digges
  • Protect solar power -- Don’t let California utility companies raise our energy bills
    Utilities companies are pushing the California Public Utilities Commission to change the rules on an important credit for solar panel owners. Stop utility companies from making solar more expensive. When families produce electricity with solar panels on their homes, they get an important credit on energy bills. This reduces our dependence on fossil fuels by making solar energy accessible to more people. Opportunities and incentives for families to “go solar” are essential to scale up the kid-safe, climate-safe energy we need to fight climate change. The California Public Utilities Commission is reviewing the rules on net metering, the credit given to customers with solar power when they give back the extra energy their solar panels produce to the electricity grid. Utility companies want to change the rules to give people partial credit for this electricity. But, people who installed solar expected the rules to be consistent for the 30-year life of their systems. Our kids deserve a clean energy future. When my sons ask how we’re acting to protect our climate, I want to confidently tell them California is creating -- and keeping -- policies that support and increase solar power. Standing up for families who invest in clean energy is one clear way to move toward the kid-safe, climate-safe energy solutions we need. California families who invest in rooftop solar should be able to expect long-term bill savings the entire time their solar system is producing clean energy. Don’t let utility companies hurt families who invest in solar by drastically reducing this credit.
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    Created by Lisa Hoyos