• Plz joining the petition for making Climate Change Act of South Korea!
    The current law, Framework Act on Low Carbon Green Growth, is flawed as it misses or neglects a lot of important parts corresponding to climate change without giving a fixed reduction target . If our new bill is passed, we can 1. Change the dishonorable place of the world's seventh largest GHG emission country 2. Save peoples’ lives and health by crisis of agriculture, energy and water 3. Reduce the impact of ecosystem by climate change 4. Expand the way of using energy wisely in industry and lifestyle 5. Avoid making fossil fuel and nuclear power plants 6. Increase clean jobs related to renewable energy such as solar and wind energy 7. Prevent social conflicts and guard minority rights
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    Created by Hyunji Kim
  • Reduce Stone Construction Landfill Pollution
    When stone waste ends up in our overcrowded landfills, it does not disintegrate and creates dead space which further pollutes our environment. To consider crushing stone waste into aggregate that ends up under our highways is irresponsible as stone is mined from the earth's crust and takes millions of years to form. Manufacturing stone waste into green building materials will create jobs for our most vulnerable citizens that need jobs - the inner city poor, formerly incarcerated, and jobless who are in desperate need of opportunities as most low skilled labor is off-shored to China. These jobs would help reduce crime, improve the city's ability to reduce debt, and stop slashing our education budgets.
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    Created by mary Cunningham
  • Support Mora County's Fracking Ban
    Mora County is the only county in the nation that has stood up to oil interests and banned fracking throughout the county. On October 15, 2014, the commissioners voted 2-1 to continue the ban that is in place. However, the commission and Mora County are under attack by lawsuits from oil companies who want to put their financial interests before those of the local residents and the environment. Commissioners are concerned that Mora County cannot afford the legal fees and feel the pressure to allow fracking to begin. We need to tell Mora County that we support their ban. Signing this petition is the first step. Making a contribution in whatever amount you can afford is the next step. Click on the link below to make a donation and to sign their local petition: http://www.moracountylegaldefensefund.org/ Thank you for your support!
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    Created by Bob Alei
  • Raise the renewable energy goal in Nebraska
    The science is clear, climate change is a severe problem that will affect everyone. Nebraska must do it's part to address climate change, and aiming to meet a mere 10 percent of our energy needs through renewable sources is not going to be enough to solve the problem. Ignoring this problem is simply irresponsible, and we demand that our leaders take action.
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    Created by Brent Johannes
  • 'No Go' to the 'No-Build Zones' Policy!
    Around 10.8 million people in coastal communities across the Philippines continue to be threatened by the ‘No-Build Zone’ (NBZ) policy, declared by the national government under President Noynoy Aquino to arbitrarily ban dwellings within a 40-meter prohibited zone. The NBZ is an imposition that has no sufficient scientific and legal basis, and provides no feasible relocation or livelihood alternatives to the displaced communities. Communities in NBZs have been threatened with demolition, and even excluded from government relief and rehabilitation efforts. We note the selective nature of the NBZ, later reformulated as ‘No-Dwelling Zones’ to exempt private corporations currently in a mad race to convert thousands of hectares of Haiyan-affected coastal areas into special economic zones, extractive industries, and so-called eco-tourism projects. This profit-driven mode of coastal development has led to the rapid degradation of our coastal and marine ecosystems and resources in the first place. We believe reducing disaster risks in coastal areas cannot be achieved by simply removing communities away from their source of livelihood, and promoting the entry of coastal ‘development aggression’ projects. Building resilience in the face of the climate crisis does not mean pushing front-line communities towards greater vulnerability.
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    Created by Leon Dulce Para-Sa Kalikasan
  • The Real Weather Report
    We rely on meteorologists, our local weather men and women, to provide information we use to plan our day. We need them to connect the dots between local weather forecasts and global climate change predictions.
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    Created by Meridian Green
  • No more foul play! No more BP greenwash at the Commonwealth Games.
    BP is an official partner of this year's Glasgow Commonwealth Games. For a small contribution, BP paint themselves as generous, socially responsible and "green" - when nothing could be further from the truth. - BP will 'donate a tree' for each participant in its carbon offsetting scheme, but the amount of CO2 they will absorb is almost nothing when compared to BP's emissions worldwide. - BP have set up a 'Young Leaders' scheme but it is young people who will have to deal with their legacy of runaway climate change and oil spills. - The US has brought in sanctions against the Russian-owned oil company, Rosneft, but BP have clung to its 19.75% share in the company. - BP have nestled its brand alongside our elite athletes in order to keep their toxic legacy in the Gulf of Mexico and attempts to drill in the Arctic out of people's minds. It's time to stop the greenwash and deny BP the role of 'corporate partner' at all future sporting events!
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    Created by Art Not Oil
  • Don’t let California Backslide to More Dirty Energy
    Our electric utility, SDG&E, plans to replace the shut down San Onofre nuclear power plant with massive amounts of new gas power – through an insider deal that doesn’t allow clean energy options to compete. This rush for more fossil power would come at a major cost to energy customers, public health and our climate. Help us urge state regulators to reject this reckless plan and send a clear message to all the utilities that California is committed to clean energy. We can meet California’s energy needs reliably and affordably with clean energy, yet SDG&E is pushing a proposal that would lock in huge amounts of unnecessary, expensive and polluting fossil power for years to come. This natural gas bonanza carries a big price tag for our climate. We've already seen an increase in climate pollution from natural gas generation in the wake of San Onofre closing. Permanently increasing our dependence on fossil power would put California even father behind on our carbon reduction and clean energy targets. Sign the petition to stop this dirty energy proposal in its tracks, and send a clear message to all California utilities that energy consumers demand clean affordable energy options.
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    Created by Masada Disenhouse
  • World Bank: Walk the Talk on Climate
    The World Bank has not yet addressed climate issues systematically. Most notably, its Safeguard Policy framework does not require climate change risk assessments for Bank projects with climate-related impacts. This gap in policy has allowed the World Bank to continue financing projects with serious implications for our climate and to essentially ignore the issue completely. According to a recent study by the World Resources Institute, 75% of World Bank projects do not incorporate assessments related to climate change risks into their design, while 88% of the projects do not assess GHG emissions from project activities, relative to a baseline. It is no wonder that with such an approach, the Bank continues to finance projects like the coal-fired Medupi power plant in South Africa, and possibly an even dirtier coal plant in Kosovo. The Bank is currently reviewing its policies, for the first time in its history. This review presents an important opportunity for the Bank to adopt best practices for promoting low-carbon and resilient development by establishing a safeguard policy on climate change. Over 100 Non-Governmental Organizations from over 60 countries submitted to the World Bank a proposal for a Policy on Climate Change as part of this review process. This Policy proposal outlines some of the main priorities that the Bank should adopt as part of a safeguard policy on climate change, including introducing a ban on financing any coal projects in the future. President Kim of the World Bank himself said last year that, “…the world needs a bold global approach to help avoid the climate catastrophe it faces today”. The signatories of the climate submission want to see Dr. Kim and the Board members of the World Bank start to walk the talk on climate by establishing a climate safeguard policy that would ensure the World Bank no longer supports projects that contribute to climate change. As each country of the world has a representative at the World Bank Group Board of Directors, your voice is very important to be heard. One of the Board Committees of the Bank will convene on July 30th to discuss the first draft of the new World Bank policies. Let us together deliver a strong message to them before this meeting that introduction of a Climate assessment policy for the World Bank projects is a must and that we stand united in asking them to act on climate, now! Study by the World Resources Institute: http://goo.gl/nGCULH Coal-fired power plant in South Africa: http://goo.gl/0d2tas Coal-fired power plant in Kosovo.: http://goo.gl/jxTt7c Climate Change Assessment (CCA) Safeguard Policy: http://www.bicusa.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Climate-Change-Safeguard-Model-Policy-for-the-World-Bank.pdf
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    Created by Nezir Sinani
  • Outlaw Fracking in El Paso County. No Exceptions.
    Colorado has fragile wildlife. The state's income relies on tourism which revolves around aesthetics of the land and the unique climate Colorado has. The profits of clean energy and everlasting income from tourism greatly outweighs the 1-2 years of minute income petroleum companies would bring while destroying the aesthetic potential for tourism. They have proven throughout the past century that petroleum companies cannot be trusted when it comes to public service and general welfare for society. Let's lead the world in innovation like we used to and throw out the oil companies. Leading the world in energy would cause a general economic boost and open more doors especially in job growth and exports.
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    Created by Garry Moyer
    We are the biggest state in the US and can affectassive change. We can set the pace for going clean throughout the US.
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    Created by Theresa deleon
    If we do not begin to take immediate and direct action against fossil fuel and rare Earth mining companies who are continually investing our money into the destruction and exploitation of our natural world and its' resources, we will continue to contribute a further 2ppm of CO2 to our atmosphere per annum, to the already 400ppm of atmospheric CO2 in the atmosphere. All over the world people are experiencing the impact of climate change, and these impacts are gradually worsening. Our atmosphere will continue to warm at an exponential rate as emissions of greenhouse gases increase. The biodiversity of our planet is already undergoing numerous changes in composition and environmental pressure due to human intervention and exploitation, which is causing a continuous rate of decline in global biodiversity. Newcastle University are not alone in their investment in fossil fuels. This is a global phenomenon that must be brought to heed so that the safety of our planet and our species can be preserved for future generations. Divestment is but scratching the surface of what we can do for our planet, and without Universities who promote Sustainable development making this leap - we will not make the greatest leap of all human innovation - the mastery of cleaner, more renewable energy sources.
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    Created by Chris McCusker