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To: Municipal Councils of Renfrew County and Renfrew County Council

Oppose The Energy East Pipeline in Renfrew County

Oppose The Energy East Pipeline in Renfrew County

We respectfully request that the municipal councils of Renfrew County and the Renfrew County Council protect the health and safety of our communities by adopting a resolution opposing the Energy East Pipeline through Renfrew County.

Why is this important?

Pipeline ruptures, the likes of which occurred in Mayflower, Arkansas and the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, demonstrate the devastating effects a spill would have on our rivers and creeks, on our health and our local economies. Our Natural Gas supply, delivery and cost will also be negatively affected.

This pipeline proposal is not compatible with a safe climate. Canada cannot meet any meaningful climate target if this project is approved. Ontario has made progress in reducing its emissions by shutting coal plants, but rising tar sands production risks wiping out those gains.

Energy East carries many risks for Renfrew County, but few benefits.

Renfrew County, ON, Canada

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2016-02-03 03:58:47 -0500

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