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To: Prime Minister

Climate Justice for Tuvaluans

Climate Justice for Tuvaluans

We want the Tuvaluan government to be straight-forward in its approach to climate change policy.

Why is this important?

Tuvaluans are not as aware of the reasons why they are experiencing extreme climatic changes. Most just think that it is an act of God that is constantly punishing people for various reasons through droughts especially. This not only shows ignorance of the facts and reality around them but a need to change mind sets so that people can easily adapt and also prepare them for the worst to come.

Tuvalu is one of the smallest island nations in the world and it is almost ignored in the international arena because of its population and land mass size. The international arena may not be paying so much attention because we have no wealth in terms of GDP and GNP. However, just because we do not have monetary significance as a developing small island nation we are humans and deserve the rights afforded upon all to have a home, identity, language and self determination.

Most Tuvaluans have no clue of what the climate justice stance Tuvalu has as in where will we be moving if sea level rises to a point where people are forced to migrate? Where will our 10,000 Tuvaluans live in 50years time? What plans do we have in terms of fighting climate change? Are we asking developed and powerful nations to mitigate? Are we just going to sit back and try to adapt as best possible? So many unanswered questions need to have answers.


Reasons for signing

  • Support the cause
  • to save our people, we must take action now
  • we need to take action now


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