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To: California Public Utilities Commissioners

Don’t let California Backslide to More Dirty Energy

Don’t let California Backslide to More Dirty Energy

We strongly urge the Commission to reject SDG&E’s plan to build 600 MW of new natural gas generation. This unnecessary investment in fossil power would come at a major cost to energy customers, public health and our climate. Clean energy options should be given an opportunity to compete to meet the energy needs of SDG&E ratepayers through an open procurement process.

Why is this important?

Our electric utility, SDG&E, plans to replace the shut down San Onofre nuclear power plant with massive amounts of new gas power – through an insider deal that doesn’t allow clean energy options to compete. This rush for more fossil power would come at a major cost to energy customers, public health and our climate. Help us urge state regulators to reject this reckless plan and send a clear message to all the utilities that California is committed to clean energy.

We can meet California’s energy needs reliably and affordably with clean energy, yet SDG&E is pushing a proposal that would lock in huge amounts of unnecessary, expensive and polluting fossil power for years to come.

This natural gas bonanza carries a big price tag for our climate. We've already seen an increase in climate pollution from natural gas generation in the wake of San Onofre closing. Permanently increasing our dependence on fossil power would put California even father behind on our carbon reduction and clean energy targets.

Sign the petition to stop this dirty energy proposal in its tracks, and send a clear message to all California utilities that energy consumers demand clean affordable energy options.

How it will be delivered

We'll deliver the petitions to the commissioners in person August 1st.

San Diego County

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed to prevent SDG&E add more polluting CO2, Sulfur Dioxide poison blanket covering the whole planet earth to brain damage all men including President Obama who make wrong decision for all men and global warming that bring weather disaster. Sempra and SDG&E will make big money being the seller and supplier of Natural Gas they import from Australia -- big interest in money at the expense of brain damage to children.
  • I want my grandchildren to be able to survive better in the future through the increased use of clean energy!
  • Someone has perceptively observed that "It is very difficult to convince people of something if their jobs depend upon them not knowing it." but we can no longer hide our heads in the sand, hoping that our looming, self-caused problems are imaginary. A real commitment to clean energy could revitalize our economy, while staying with the old and familiar will only hasten decline.


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