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To: Dunedin City Council

Dunedin City Council: Be the first NZ city to Divest from Fossil Fuels

Divest from Fossil Fuels

Why is this important?

Kia Kaha Dunedin City Council

Dunedin City Councillors will vote whether to divest from fossil fuels sometime between April-May 2015. Oil Free Otago strongly support our Councillors and urge them to do the right thing for our climate and our future.

The DCC voted in May 2014 to endorse a policy direction to develop a Socially Responsible Investment Policy for its Waipori Fund, which would intend to exclude direct investment in fossil fuel extraction, tobacco, armaments, gambling and pornography.

The DCC is currently writing up a document to be presented to Council for a final vote, confirming whether Dunedin will truly become the first New Zealand city to divest from fossil fuels.

Kia kaha DCC! Be the first NZ city to Divest from Fossil Fuels! We support you!

Sign this petition supporting DCC's vote to divest!

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Write to the DCC ([email protected]) to express how important it is that the motion to divest be adopted!

Contact [email protected] to get involved!

Check out who's already divested:

How it will be delivered

Deliver in person to the Mayor of Dunedin.

Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

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2015-04-09 17:05:31 -0400

Auckland Uni launched a petition to divest from fossil fuels!

2015-04-09 04:03:02 -0400

DCC have pushed the vote to the 27th of April 2015.

2015-03-16 05:25:57 -0400

Latest update: DCC will vote on Monday 30th March! Sign and Share!

2015-03-16 05:25:11 -0400

The UN backs fossil fuel divestment! Come on Dunedin!

2015-02-02 04:19:22 -0500

100 signatures reached

2015-02-01 14:56:59 -0500

50 signatures reached

2015-01-29 01:16:29 -0500

25 signatures reached

2015-01-26 06:07:43 -0500

10 signatures reached