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To: All Governments

Ecocide is a Crime against Peace and needs an additional International Law to Stop it.

Ecocide is a Crime against Peace and needs an additional International Law to Stop it.

Please support the next big evolution in human awareness of our place in nature by helping Ecocide to become the 5th crime that will be banned under the Rome Statute.

Table and support into law a 5th Crime to protect global peace.

Why is this important?

Our environment is unprotected from the misuse of its abundant assets.
Damaging it ultimately damages all living organisms of which Humans are just one.

Perils such as climate change, toxification of land, river systems and oceans, loss of tropical and temperate rain forests with all their dependent species and loss of polar and mountain glacial deposits are some of the well known consequences of Ecocide in action, unchallenged by an unaware populace in who's name the destruction is excused. This must stop and we all must say it.

The world already has produced 4 laws that protect peace that can be enforced in the International Criminal Court including the crime of Genocide.

An additional law, Ecocide would protect all species that enjoy an ecosystem from deliberate harm to the system.

This would disincentivise investments in corporations who damage our environment and would make CEO's of them liable to criminal charges if they break the law.
This legal process has already been proved to work in a mock trial in 2011 in London, UK.

Please will you also sign the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) which has a legal standing?

How it will be delivered

Tricky to do to all world governments, even by email. Any Ideas?

Reasons for signing

  • At this point it's about raising consciousness, one mind at a time, Just like ending apartheid, it is a slow process, and we just don't have much time, if at all. Who knows? Stranger things have happened that events will conspire with raised consciousnesses to become critical mass/tipping point. Thanks for putting this petition up. Inspiring.
  • there is no planet b.
  • This is the first I've ever heard of Ecocide. I was just watching an Axe commercial about One Peace. I guess I just to add more to the topic.


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Just in case you wonder if the law can be effective in prosecuting Ecocide.
Here is reassurance that it can

2013-10-14 14:21:04 -0400

Emergency steps to enable communities to decide their future Local empowerment road-map to a better world

2013-10-09 18:59:55 -0400

Our laws protect (among others) life, ways of life and property.
We are all fond of our lives, and our ways of life's experience ... Yes?
Property in this case is that which no human, community or continent can own because it is ours as much as we all are of it, our environment.

So using a law to protect it from harm is the same as protecting all of us together, from those who do not own it any more than we all do!

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2013-10-08 16:28:04 -0400

One sure way to keep our life raft floating is to support and promote an internationally enforceable law to preserve it, Right?

2013-10-08 16:23:36 -0400

Chris Miller works for,and they are asking for votes for the European Ecocide Campaign. Its right here

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