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To: White House Administration

Establish a carbon tax Now

Begin another effort to get a carbon tax passed by Congress. The petition only has 13 signatories now. It needs 150 to be publically posted on the WH website. The petition is only available at this website now:
Specifically, the petition says:
We petition the Obama administration to: initiate a tax on carbon emissions to slow the depletion of limited reserves of fossil fuels, & offset associated costs.

Why is this important?

I was shocked to see about three weeks ago that there was only one climate change petition on the WH website and only 3 energy related petitions. I think there should be a continuous effort to keep a carbon tax petition on the WH website to show that ordinary people are supporting this kind of tax and support economic incentives to move away from an oil and gas based economy.
The description of the petition on the website is simple:
It is time to use economic incentives to reduce the use of fossil files to the most essential purposes and encourage the expansion of renewable energy for everything else. The actual cost to society for the environmental damage caused by carbon emissions is increasing daily. We will need to have a reserve to help offset the cost of repairing the environmental damage caused by CO2 emissions.


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100 signatures reached

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