To: First Family & The White House's Housekeeper-in-Chief

Hang Your Pants, Stop the Plants

Hang Your Pants, Stop the Plants

Please put a visible clothesline on The White House premises to set an example for the world about personal responsibility for saving energy and reducing climate change.

Why is this important?

A petition to President Obama, The First Family, and White House housekeeper
According to the EIA six percent of residential electricity consumption is due to the tumble dryer, but this does not account for the 18% of people who dry with gas nor the huge number of people who go to laundromats or shared laundry areas (commercial) nor the millions of pounds of laundry done by hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and prisons (more commercial).

President Obama, early in his first term, installed a kitchen garden on the White House lawn. Jimmy Carter installed solar panels and asked us to turn down the thermostat and wear a sweater. There is reason to believe that there is a clothesline at The White House already, but the First Family is not public about it.

We are facing devastating climate change impacts, largely brought on by consumption habits in the developed world. This symbolic act by the Obamas--installing a clothesline--could provide an example to the world, especially dryer-using Americans, of a way that families can save energy and money.

I am the "Laundry Guy" who started Project Laundry List when I heard a 1995 speech by Dr. Helen Caldicott, claiming that we could shutter our nuclear plants if we all hung out our clothes. I have dedicated my life to this work and hope that you will join the cause.


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  • Solar power!