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To: Chief and Agricultural minister, Maharashtra

Increase the Relief Package for Farmers Affected by Hail Storm

Increase the Relief Package for Farmers Affected by Hail Storm

As concerned citizens, we are saddened by the suicides of farmers in Maharashtra over the loss of their crop due to the recent hail storms and unprecedented rain fall. The relief package provided amounts to Rs10,000-25,000 a hectare which is only a small fraction of the yield the farmers could have otherwise received during a normal season.

We want the state and central Government to increase the relief package and ensure that the money actually reaches those affected by the storm.

Why is this important?

We are witnessing more unseasonal and unexpected changes in our weather and climate change has a big role in it. No single weather event can be attributed completely to climate change but over the past few years we have witnessed a growing number of record breaking weather events. Many parts of Maharashtra, for example, haven’t experienced such heavy hail or rainfall in the last 100 years! [1]

As climate change or global warming continues to break new records in extreme weather, we need to start adapting for the changes that scientists say will affect India’s weather patterns. Our farmers are one of the most vulnerable to climate change and we need to safeguard their lives and livelihoods.

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Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • It's high time the agriculture minister takes his work for farmers seriously & provide relief to them, instead of pampering so-called feudal landlords
  • Our farmers have been neglected for years now...In spite of the subsidies and the facilities provided why is that we still have farmer suicides going up? What is the level of exploitation dished out on the farmers? Why is the standard of living of farmers so poor that they leave their villages to come to the city in search of jobs? It is my request that the leaders look into every aspect of the problem and save our our nation...
  • We elegantly used this phrase "farm to fork" in politico-economical discussions, let's make sure it will be used in future too. Not aby job or business, a farmer is the breadwinner of India, high time we work in their interests....


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