To: United States Department of Justice & State Attorney Generals

Investigate Exxon over Climate Change misinformation campaign

Investigate Exxon over Climate Change misinformation campaign

We want the Department of Justice to heed the calls of high-ranking government officials and US citizens to investigate Exxon for crimes against the American public. If the DOJ will not take this up we are asking any willing State Attorney Generals to launch an investigation in the style of the Tobacco company's investigation.

Why is this important?

While we must focus on the here and now in our work to mitigate and solve the climate catastrophe, those responsible for creating and exacerbating the most dangerous circumstances ever faced by mankind, must be made to answer for any criminal actions that have taken place, and have a hand in bearing the financial burden of paying for the solutions to the crisis.

Exxon had reports from their own internal scientists, in the late 1970's, that clearly showed the dangers that their product and activities were having on the planet. With this information in hand, the decision was made to bury the data and instead, for decades, fund purposefully erroneous reports to confuse the American public, and to form and finance propaganda organizations in order to give the appearance of a debate over the effects of their activities and the role carbon was playing in the climate change phenomenon.