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To: Governor Sandoval, Nevada legislators, and Public Utilities Commissioners

Keep Rooftop Solar Shining in Nevada!

Keep Rooftop Solar Shining in Nevada!

Rooftop solar is helping Nevada families, schools and businesses take charge of their power supply like never before. But net metering, a cornerstone solar policy, is under attack by utilities that view customer energy choice as a threat to their business model. I urge you to defend our net metering program and oppose unfair solar fees so that Nevadans can continue to invest in rooftop solar.

Why is this important?

Net metering is a program that allows Nevadans who install solar panels on their roof to get full, fair credit on their utility bills for the excess clean energy they send back to the grid. It has been a big success, leading to more and more Nevada homes, schools and businesses putting the state's plentiful sunshine to work to meet their own power needs.

But NV Energy -- the biggest utility in Nevada -- views this kind of customer energy choice as a threat to their old way of doing business. The utility is now working behind the scenes to add unfair fees that would make it harder for Nevadans to invest in solar power.

Every Nevadan has the right to produce and use his or her own power from the sun and we should be able to do so without being charged unfair fees.

Now is an especially important time to speak up, since the Nevada Public Utilities Commission is taking comment in August on whether to propose harmful changes to net metering. We plan to deliver the petition in person at a PUC public comment session on August 19. In the next few months, the PUC will make recommendations on the future of our net metering program to the legislature, so we need to speak out in support of solar power now.

If you live in Nevada, sign the petition below to urge state leaders to stand strong for innovation, progress and customer choice by defending our solar rights.

How it will be delivered

Vote Solar & allies will deliver petitions to the Nevada Public Utilities Commission on August 19th.

Nevada, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • It only makes good sense. Especially here in Nevada.
  • interested in installing rooftop solar on my home and don't want big government/business stopping me.
  • have solar


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