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To: Senator Mark Udall

No Exporting Natural Gas

Stop promoting the fast-tracking of natural gas exports from the USA through laws like S. 2083 and H.R. 6.

Why is this important?

The escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia should not be used as an excuse for increased liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports.

Gas exports cannot help the current situation in Ukraine, because it would take years for our export facilities to be able to process the volumes of gas proposed for overseas sales. And S. 2083 and H.R. 6 would fast track exports of U.S. LNG to 158 World Trade Organization member countries, not just Ukraine.

Increasing U.S. oil and gas exports to other nations will only accelerate fracking at home, transforming rural and impoverished communities into sacrifice zones and endangering public health, natural resources and local economies.

The oil and gas industry claims that fracking for gas can lead to energy independence, but that is simply not the case, especially if we're exporting that resource abroad.

Ultimately, approving and building infrastructure is a lengthy, expensive process, and the limited oil and gas reserves available under U.S. soil will not support the money and energy needed to ship it overseas. Instead, we should invest in renewable energy.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver it to Sen. Udall's Denver office in person at 12:30pm on April 10. (Please join us if you're able - 999 18th Street, Denver, CO 80202.)

Colorado, United States

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