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To: Governor Jay Inslee

Say NO to an Oil Terminal in Vancouver WA

As citizens of Washington State, we urge you to say NO to the proposed oil train terminal in Vancouver WA. It will impede economic development and endanger residents from Spokane to Vancouver.

Why is this important?

The proposed oil terminal would bring five miles of oil trains through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge to Vancouver every day. The oil would be transferred to tanks, and then barges or ships to be taken to California or maybe abroad.

The Oil Terminal and Oil Trains would:
• Kill two jobs for each job it might create
• Endanger a million people with trains that explode
• Kill the Vancouver Waterfront Development
• Change Vancouver from green to grimy
• Endanger our salmon industry
• Depress downtown development in Vancouver
• Degrade air quality and endanger our health

Furthermore it is urgent that we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We should not build more fossil fuel infrastructure. All the car makers have cars in production that exceed 80 MPG equivalent. We don’t even need the oil.

How it will be delivered

By email and in person.

Vancouver, Washington, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • Vancouver is a city of the future, not an old industrial one of the past, with the danger and pollution of the last century.
  • I live less than a mile from the train tracks in Bingen, WA. I have two kids. These oil trains could endanger their lives, and there is no benefit to my community.
  • I live in Vancouver. We are spending millions on a new, beautiful multi use development for our waterfront, very close to the proposed oil terminal. This oil won't be used to increase American energy independence - it won't be used here. It will instead line the pockets of the few while foisting the environmental impacts upon the many.


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