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To: Politicians, decison makers and people in Canada, especially in B.C.

This is a bad idea for the Planet: LNG facility in Sarita Bay Proposal

The Proposed Sarita Bay Liquid Natural Gas Project is currently going through environmental baseline data collection and the environmental assessment process will follow until 2017. WE have to make sure to be there all along this process to ensure that the right questions are asked and that the right answers and information are provided by the proponents.

Why is this important?

The Gas boom in B.C., especially using gas extracted using hydraulic fracturing which is a leaky process emitting methane at every stage of production, processing, storage and distribution, is in the process of constructing a network of ultra powerful atmospheric ovens. The proposed Sarita Bay LNG Project is part of this boom, which should be stopped as soon as possible. Imagine if just one tenth of the $30 billion proposed for this Project would go into installing renewable energy, such as wind and solar! Our planet would be better off!

British Columbia, Canada

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