To: Congress, President, The People

Our New Deal: Green our Jobs, Not Big Business Pockets

We need to shift our short-sighted politics from short term jobs that have major ecological consequences, to creating jobs that green our economy and the middle class. We need to expand the renewable energies across the board and make them accessible for ALL people to access with tax incentives and subsidies. We need to create an education market to train people to maintain our new green infrastructure, creating new jobs and an entirely new economy. This is the New Deal for our generation.

Why is this important?

We are being left behind in the global race for renewable and sustainable energies. While we continue to subsidize and prioritize dirty fuels that are destroying precious resources,other countries are creating jobs and new industry for the future. It's time we embrace the future and start shaping what we want it to be, instead of business as usual shaping the future for us.