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To: California Public Utilities Commission

Protect solar power -- Don’t let California utility companies raise our energy bills

I believe in protecting Californians’ right to go solar and receive full credit for the clean energy they deliver to the grid. I urge you to allow customers who install solar under the current net metering program to keep the current rules for at least 30 years.

Why is this important?

Utilities companies are pushing the California Public Utilities Commission to change the rules on an important credit for solar panel owners. Stop utility companies from making solar more expensive.

When families produce electricity with solar panels on their homes, they get an important credit on energy bills. This reduces our dependence on fossil fuels by making solar energy accessible to more people. Opportunities and incentives for families to “go solar” are essential to scale up the kid-safe, climate-safe energy we need to fight climate change.

The California Public Utilities Commission is reviewing the rules on net metering, the credit given to customers with solar power when they give back the extra energy their solar panels produce to the electricity grid. Utility companies want to change the rules to give people partial credit for this electricity. But, people who installed solar expected the rules to be consistent for the 30-year life of their systems.

Our kids deserve a clean energy future. When my sons ask how we’re acting to protect our climate, I want to confidently tell them California is creating -- and keeping -- policies that support and increase solar power. Standing up for families who invest in clean energy is one clear way to move toward the kid-safe, climate-safe energy solutions we need.

California families who invest in rooftop solar should be able to expect long-term bill savings the entire time their solar system is producing clean energy. Don’t let utility companies hurt families who invest in solar by drastically reducing this credit.

California, United States

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