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To: Mayor Goldring

Push for more "Green Buildings" in Burlington

Push for more "Green Buildings" in Burlington

As citizens of Burlington, we call on you to push for more buildings that meet the requirements of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, raise consumer awareness of green building benefits, and recognize environmental leadership in the building industry.

Why is this important?

A "Green Building" is an establishment or a home that meets certain criteria, such as water efficiency, sustainability, energy efficiency, etc. Having more of these buildings in Burlington will cut down on the amount of gases and pollutants our city will emit. This is important because every contribution made to stop Global Warming is significant.

Dealing with the problem of Global Warming is a necessity. Pushing for more buildings to qualify as environmentally friendly establishments, is a small step in the right direction. While it is hard to give up other instigators of climate change, such as driving, making the effort to convert your home to a "Green Building" is a much more attainable goal.

Most of us want to make a difference in the world we live in. We want to take care of this planet we call home, but sometimes it is hard to make sacrifices for a cause we cannot change alone. The idea of creating an environmentally friendly building is not a concept most would think of. With a better understanding of the benefits of green buildings, people can choose to convert; making their contribution to the environment without necessarily deserting their lifestyles. When compared with contributing in other ways, like boycotting flash-frozen, transported fruit, building more green buildings is an easier alternative.

With a better public understanding and awareness of green building benefits, and recognized environmental leadership in the building industry, the cry for green buildings will increase exponentially. Global warming is a problem that faces us all. Earth provides us with a home, lets build homes that give a little back.

Burlington, ON, Canada

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