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To: Nebraska Public Power District - Board of Directors

Raise the renewable energy goal in Nebraska

Raise the renewable energy goal in Nebraska

As citizens of Nebraska, we urge the NPPD Board of Directors to raise the goal for renewable energy in Nebraska. The current goal in Nebraska is to reach 10 percent of our total energy needs through renewable sources. Nebraska is situated with some of the best renewable energy resources in the nation, such as wind and solar, and it is clear that we can produce a much larger percentage of our energy with renewable sources. Our neighbors, Kansas and Iowa, are becoming national leaders in renewable energy production, out-pacing Nebraska by a large margin. It's time for Nebraska to move forward.

Why is this important?

The science is clear, climate change is a severe problem that will affect everyone. Nebraska must do it's part to address climate change, and aiming to meet a mere 10 percent of our energy needs through renewable sources is not going to be enough to solve the problem. Ignoring this problem is simply irresponsible, and we demand that our leaders take action.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be presented to the NPPD Board of Directors at a monthly meeting. The exact date will be posted later.

Nebraska, United States

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