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To: NYC Councilman Mark Levine

Reduce Plastic Bag Use In New York City

Dear Councilman Levine,

We the people of the United States are concerned about the use of plastic bags in the United States, and more specifically, New York City. We ask you to put a restriction on plastic bags that whomever wishes to use them from a store, it will cost them an additional 5 cents for each bag they use. We urge you to institute this proposed restriction on plastic bags to cut down on the use.

Why is this important?

The United States uses more than 380 billion plastic bags a year, and New York City uses 9.37 billions of those. The thing is, plastic bags don't decompose, and if they do, it takes trillions of years. This causes global wide pollution and kills many, many crucial parts of life. Not only that, when plastic bags are made or incinerated (destroyed), they release about 55 kg of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a huge greenhouse gas that affects global warming each year, and by cutting down on plastic bags, we are also cutting down on the emissions of carbon dioxide.
I'm specifically worried about global warming because of the ice caps. The ice caps are melting due to global warming, and this is making the seas and oceans rise. I am worried about the sea life that will be affected by this rise, as well as cities going under water. I believe we can help stop this if we work together to stop plastic bag use!

New York City, NY, United States

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