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To: Vice Chancellor of UWA

Refuse Bjørn Lomborg's Anti-climate Science Institute Funding

Refuse Bjørn Lomborg's Anti-climate Science Institute Funding

Do not accept the senseless and politically-motivated appointment of Bjørn Lomborg.

Why is this important?

Lomborg is the author of the bestselling book "The Skeptical Environmentalist". As a controversial writer, he has made many claims time and again that climate change is not the biggest problem facing humanity. He has made controversial statements saying that it is an issue we should develop our way out of instead of reducing fossil-fuel usage and calling for everyone to live "sustainable lives". Furthermore, he has hinted that energy shortage can be solved using coals, and that governments should not prioritize climate change enough to take action on pressing issues. In short, he views climate change as a "passing fad". And now we are appalled to see this climate contrarian has recently been given $4 million and the green light to set up and oversee the Australia Consensus Centre. As a former student at UWA, I am severely upset that my alma mater would behave in an unethical manner and go so far as to host and fund an individual who is a threat to climate change. Accepting the appointment of this author/climate contrarian would undermine UWA's credibility.

Therefore, I urgently implore you to reconsider your decision, and do the climate change activists a favor by refusing the appointment of Bjørn Lomborg

The undersigned,
Marie Hayward - Social Activist at Blog Topics Inc



2015-07-21 04:09:31 -0400

10 signatures reached

2015-04-28 17:58:35 -0400

I've gotten lots of updates from friends supporting this cause. Please continue spreading the news, thank you!

Marie Hayward - Social Activist / Blogger