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Get polluters out of politics

Get polluters out of politics

Sign the Pollution Free Politics Pledge.

Why is this important?

Despite more than two decades of talking, our climate is at a crisis point because our leaders have allowed themselves to be captured by the fossil fuel industry. If our politicians are serious about climate change, then they need to stop taking money from and giving money to the big polluters.


Reasons for signing

  • The National Party in my region haven't had the courage to truly support the majority of their community on environmental issues such as unconventional gas. Promises, promises promises but no real action.
  • I'm sure Kevin is not the knuckle dragging neanderthal type,that so epitomizes the National party endemic to this electorate, and so I believe that he bcan develop the backbone required, to do some positive action for the good of the public in spite of the obvious corruption evident in this government and our whole political system, which is designed to facilitate wholesale pillage of our commonwealth.
  • We need leaders who can commit to a sustainable future and not stuck in the corrupt past.


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