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To: Warringah

Get polluters out of politics

Get polluters out of politics

Sign the Pollution Free Politics Pledge.

Why is this important?

Despite more than two decades of talking, our climate is at a crisis point because our leaders have allowed themselves to be captured by the fossil fuel industry. If our politicians are serious about climate change, then they need to stop taking money from and giving money to the big polluters.


Reasons for signing

  • I have been campaigning on climate change for a long time - and throughout this period Tony Abbott (my local member) has ignored every letter, and is now influencing Malcolm Turnbull. This has to stop.
  • This man was labelled enemy of the planet by English conservatives
  • Government subsidies for polluting companies has gone one for too long, If the same money went to support renewable energy companies, we would be exporting wind turbines, energy storage technology, solar panels and electric cars to the world. Instead we are closing down our car manufacturing facilities. Lets level the playing field and see which is more competitive in today's world fossils fuels or renewables... Let's stop being an embarrassment to the world...


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