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To: City of Glenwood Springs

Shift our town away from dirty coal and toward renewables by 2017

Take advantage of the benefits, economically and environmentally, that renewable energy can provide for our community. Burlington, Vermont is a perfect example of a small city that has taken advantage of renewable resources and they are now 100% powered from them. They did this and actually haven't seen an increase in energy costs. The City of Glenwood Springs should take a look at more long term solutions which may save taxpayers money and will also provide cleaner energy.

Why is this important?

This is important because our current energy source, petroleum, is not sustainable and more importantly, it is causing climate change. 97% of all atmospheric scientists agree that climate change is correlated to carbon emissions. This is settled science, but it has become politicized, and that is why most people will not accept that this is happening.

In 20 years, the next generation may not be able to see what a real snow year look like out west. We may not be able to farm out here anymore. Cities like LA or Las Vegas may not even exist anymore. This is important. It starts will small decisions now, like choosing to invest in renewable energy like wind a solar, that will help build a better future.

Glenwood Springs, CO, United States

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