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To: West Virginia Board of Education

Stop climate denial in West Virginia’s classrooms!

Climate Parents

This campaign has ended.

The future of our planet depends on a generation of students capable of fighting climate change. But climate science standards in West Virginia’s classrooms are under attack by a Board of Education member that doesn’t believe in human-induced climate change. We urge you to defend the integrity of our schools’ science education standards and reject climate denial arguments, so that West Virginia kids can learn the facts about climate change as part of an accurate, 21st-century education.

Why is this important?

West Virginia recently adopted new education standards based on the Next Generation Science Standards, which were developed to provide comprehensive, research-based science education that includes climate change -- but not before sneaking in some shocking alterations.

The new standards, altered last minute at Board member Wade Linger’s request, cast doubt on climate change as a settled science.

If the Board goes through with the new standards, West Virginia kids will get a dose of climate denial in their classrooms -- all because one Board member doesn’t believe in human-induced climate change.

All West Virginia kids deserve an accurate, 21st-century education, and they shouldn’t have to learn false science based on standards that contain blatant errors and misrepresent the scientific consensus on climate change.

There’s still time for the Board of Education to fix its errors, because the new standards won’t go into effect until next year. Sign this petition to tell the Board to correct all information related to climate change in the new standards for K-12 students in West Virginia -- and give kids the education they deserve.

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