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To: The Prime Minister of Canada

Stop Colonial Land Fraud in Kanehsatà:ke

This campaign has ended.

We call on the Prime Minister of Canada to place a short term moratorium on all development in Kanehsatà:ke and to enter into meaningful negotiations with the Rotinonhseshá:ka – People of the Longhouse to end ongoing colonial land fraud in the community.

Why is this important?

On 11 October 2019, a Kanien’kéha:ka (Mohawk) member of the Kanehsatà:ke community in what is today known as Quebec, Canada, started a Hunger Strike to raise awareness about ongoing land fraud. The strike ended on 25 October 2019 - after two weeks.

The strike was taken to bring to attention to the longstanding historical land dispute which has been ignored by officials for over 300 years. Four years ago, the Liberals like all previous governments of Canada before them, deliberately ignored the requests by the Rotinonhseshá:ka to have a meeting to discuss the land dispute; to stop land fraud. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did so with discrimination and disrespect.

Still today, in spite of a public calls to respect Indigenous peoples human rights through such reports as the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action, the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women’s inquiry final report, all of which have called for a change in relationship between Canada and Indigenous Peoples; Canada remains silent, refuses to act to protect the rights of the Kanien’kehá:ka of Kanehsatà:ke from “being molested by settlers”; and condones the acts of land fraud on our Homelands

The longstanding historical land dispute which was the crux of the 1990 Kanehsatà:ke Siege or Oka Crisis has never been resolved. Therefore, the Hunger Striker is giving of himself in support of the rights of the Kanien’kehá:ka of Kanehsatà:ke to protect the land for present and future generations. A resolution to our land dispute must be in an atmosphere of peace in order to bridge the cavernous break in the relationship between Canada and Onkwehón:we (Indigenous) peoples.

We demand once again, for the Government of Canada to place a short term moratorium to halt all development on Kanien’kehá:ka Homelands and for PM Trudeau to meet with the Rotinonhseshá:ka of Kanehsatà:ke.

The Rotinonhseshá:ka of Kanehsatà:ke strive for a peaceful resolution to this issue that has plagued Kanehsatà:ke and other Indigenous peoples for far too long.

Kanesatake, Oka, QC, Canada

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