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To: Governor John Kasich

Stop Fracking in Ohio's Parks

As citizens of the State of Ohio we call on you to reject proposed hydraulic fracturing wells on our state parks. These wells could endanger thousands of Ohioans in and around these lands. We believe our parks are a place where one can go to relax and discover all of our state's beauty that it has to offer. These wells will leave a permanent scar on these sacred lands. As the governor of our beautiful state we trust that you will hear our voice and take action immediately.

Why is this important?

Three years ago Governor John Kasich approved new state legislation that would permit hydraulic fracturing in Ohio's State parks. 3300 acres of park property have already been set aside for Natural Gas and Oil wells. These wells endanger thousands of residents every day while operating, not to mention the lasting impact for years after the well has been drilled. We must stand together to prevent the destruction of our state parks.

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Ohio, United States

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