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To: Governor Christie

Stop Gov. Christie’s big break to Exxon

Stop Gov. Christie’s big break to Exxon

Stop this big break for Big Oil campaign donors -- make Exxon Mobil pay for polluting New Jersey and devastating communities and wetlands with toxic contamination.

Why is this important?

Gov. Christie’s administration just cut a surprise deal in lawsuit against Exxon for decades of toxic contamination -- virtually getting the wealthiest oil company in the world off the hook for $8 billion in damages to communities and wetlands.

If you look at Gov. Christie’s past connections with Exxon, this shadiness isn’t much of a surprise. Exxon contributed ~ $2 million to a group that helped finance his reelection. It’s pure political corruption -- the kind of quid pro quo politics that gives major polluters like Exxon big breaks while road-blocking progress on clean energy and climate, or programs to mitigate the impacts of future storms.

And to add insult to injury, it’s unclear whether any of the proposed $250 million settlement would even help the communities Exxon polluted for decades.

It’s time to stand up to Big Oil and corrupt politics. It’s unacceptable for Gov. Christie to give big breaks to his wealthiest campaign donors on the backs of families living in storm-damaged homes and with toxic dumps in their back yards.

Now is an especially important time to speak up because Gov. Christie still has the power to stop this dirty deal in its tracks. Sign this petition to demand that he hold Exxon accountable for its devastation to New Jersey communities and wetlands.

New Jersey, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • the double standards of big companies refusing to pay for environmental damage and at the same time want protect profits with TTIP... The ENVIRONMENT must come before corps. they should pay every penny for the damage including refunding charities every penny they spend as well as paying volunteers
  • Polluters must pay!
  • Chris Christie may have a quick, arrogant mounth but he doesn't have a heart or a head for NJ. For him it is a stepping stone and I feel stepped on.


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