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To: Governor Kitzhaber, Attorney General Rosenblum, Senator Wyden & Senator Merkeley

Stop LNG Exports in Oregon!

Stop LNG Exports in Oregon!

Oregon's proposed export terminals for liquefied natural gas pose significant public health and environmental risks. We demand that the state reject both the Oregon LNG project in Warrenton and the Jordon Cove Energy Project in Coos Bay. Destruction is not development. Dangerous fossil fuels should be a thing of the past, not a plan for the future. We want an expanded vision for clean, renewable energy in Oregon.

Why is this important?

Without fracking there would not be enough gas to export. Hydraulic fracturing is a process that pollutes and uses huge amounts of drinking water, compromises public health, and threatens agriculture. This type of gas extraction is bitterly opposed by communities across the country.

Liquefied natural gas is also extremely dangerous to transport, because it is highly volatile. An accident at either of the proposed Oregon terminals could easily wipe out large portions of the North Bend, Coos Bay, and Warrenton communities.

Close to 17,000 people live in the hazard zones of concern for the Coos Bay project alone. Residents up to a mile away could receive second degree burns within 30 seconds if an LNG pool-fire were to develop. The proposed facility is in sight of the town's mall, schools, and commercial airport.

These risks become even more frightening given the high probability of a major earthquake and tsunami in this region over the next 50 years.

The proposed terminals would be fed by a series of pipelines that would cross hundreds of fish-bearing rivers and streams, public and private lands, acres of pristine forest, and many Oregon towns. Landowners will have their property taken by eminent domain, receiving a one time payment while assuming the continued devaluation and risk.

These LNG export terminals would do nothing to lower energy prices, while threatening North Bend, Coos Bay, and Warrenton residents with increased pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. This means increased respiratory and other health problems, especially for "at risk" children and elders. The terminals would compromise local industries, like farming, fishing, and tourism while deeply impacting unique coastal ecosystems, including a federally protected estuary.

Export of LNG is no future for Oregon. We want a better vision!

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North Bend, OR

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