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To: Elected officials from towns and cities on to state officials, national leaders , FERC and President Obama .

Stop The Biggest Ever Atlantic Coast Pipeline/Dominion Transmission, Inc

As citizens of North Carolina , we ask our leaders to stop all pipelines but especially the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC (Atlantic) has applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for authorization to build and operate a new, underground 564-mile interstate natural gas transmission pipeline. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) would begin in Harrison County, West Virginia, travel southeast through Virginia and then proceed south to Robeson County, North Carolina. In West Virginia and Virginia, the pipeline would be 42 inches in diameter. In North Carolina, the pipeline would be 36 inches in diameter. Three extensions are planned in Virginia, including a 20-inch diameter lateral to Chesapeake and 16-inch diameter laterals in both Brunswick and Greensville Counties. Compressor stations, which help maintain the flow of gas, are proposed in Lewis County, West Virginia; Buckingham County, Virginia; and Northampton County, North Carolina.
The ACP would be capable of delivering about 1.5 million dekatherms (equivalent to 1.5 billion cubic feet per day) of natural gas, through access to multiple U.S. supply basins. We ask FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to deny the last application submitted

Why is this important?

Stopping the pipeline is so important because of the negative impacts of lessons learned from citizens already affect in West Virginia near and around the Marcellus region. Safeguarding our properties as landowners, looking out for our health, keeping the air quality sufficient, soil uncontaminated and pure waters outweigh any significance advertised by construction of infrastructures.. Our farms are non-.industrialized and we want them to remain that way. Fossil fuel is not the way, but solar energy and wind is far more cleaner. Eminent domain should never be a route to take our land for a public purpose rather than a public use. Our framers of the constitution never intended that to happen. Dominion have already celebrated their overseas partnerships for exporting from Covepoint in Lusby , Maryland..
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Look at the reality of what's going on with pipeline dangers rather than the elusive words of our opponents. Let's work together. Each of us are a part of this global problem. For humanity sake, what we do continues the degradation or contributes to sustainability. Our ecosystem need the balance of forestry, wildlife, conservation and snd a tremendous downsizing of over explortation of biofuels contributing to climate change. Stand for something or fall for anything.

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