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To: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Stop the PennEast Pipeline, Save the Environment!

Stop the PennEast Pipeline, Save the Environment!

I would like to protest against the proposed PennEast Pipeline. The PennEast Pipeline Company is trying to pump fracked gas from Pennsylvania, through northern New Jersey, and beyond. All land, homes and businesses anywhere near the pipeline will see property values drop. This will impact the owners of those properties and lower overall tax revenue. So, instead of smaller bills we will actually see higher taxes.

Why is this important?

The truth is that PennEast is a private business that will force people off their land, will create only short term jobs, and would only be a way for a private company to transport their gas from Pennsylvania through our backyard to somewhere else. They will likely export much of what they produce, as their gas could fetch as much as four times the price it could here overseas.

Crossing 88 waterways, 44 wetlands, and 30 parks, this pipeline also risks the area's natural beauty and the habitats of endangered species including the Bald Eagle, Ospreys and wood turtles among others.

I implore the people and government agencies involved with the PennEast Pipeline to rethink this move and at least, postpone the pipeline until further public discussion can be had.

Pennsylvania, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • I don't want my water source contaminated
  • Im dealing with same issue right now with Rover Pipeline wanting to put 2 42" gaslines in our backyard.... it is not right to take our land to profit a private company!!!!!! THIS HAS TO STOP!
  • the force is real


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Update: We're also going to raise funds for the Delaware River Keeper Organization in order to max the impact of this protest. Stay tuned for more updates!

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