To: Mora County Commissioners

Support Mora County's Fracking Ban

Support Mora County's Fracking Ban

We applaud Mora County's ban on fracking and urge you to continue the ban indefinitely.

Why is this important?

Mora County is the only county in the nation that has stood up to oil interests and banned fracking throughout the county. On October 15, 2014, the commissioners voted 2-1 to continue the ban that is in place. However, the commission and Mora County are under attack by lawsuits from oil companies who want to put their financial interests before those of the local residents and the environment. Commissioners are concerned that Mora County cannot afford the legal fees and feel the pressure to allow fracking to begin. We need to tell Mora County that we support their ban. Signing this petition is the first step. Making a contribution in whatever amount you can afford is the next step.

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