To: Colorado Senate

Outlaw Fracking in El Paso County. No Exceptions.

Outlaw Fracking in El Paso County. No Exceptions.

Outlaw Hydraulic Fracturing and similar petroleum extraction methods that would involve tapping into underground reservoirs to obtain resources. Major fines for violating this.

Why is this important?

Colorado has fragile wildlife. The state's income relies on tourism which revolves around aesthetics of the land and the unique climate Colorado has. The profits of clean energy and everlasting income from tourism greatly outweighs the 1-2 years of minute income petroleum companies would bring while destroying the aesthetic potential for tourism. They have proven throughout the past century that petroleum companies cannot be trusted when it comes to public service and general welfare for society. Let's lead the world in innovation like we used to and throw out the oil companies. Leading the world in energy would cause a general economic boost and open more doors especially in job growth and exports.

Colorado Springs, CO, United States

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