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To: Representative of Ohio's 12th district, Pat Tiberi

Dear Congressman Pat Tiberi - Please make a statement on climate science

Dear Congressman Pat Tiberi - Please make a statement on climate science

As citizens of Ohio and District 12, we urge Congressman Pat Tiberi to recognize that the science behind climate change is valid and no longer under debate. Our first step toward enacting political legislation nationwide is to accept the overwhelming scientific consensus, and this step begins with you.

Congressman Tiberi, we are asking you to be the leader that this movement and your Ohio voters need. For the sake of our future, please show your voters that you support the science behind climate change.

Why is this important?

Climate change is a very real problem facing our world, and our Ohio community is experiencing the devastating backlash of excess CO2 emissions. These shifts in high levels of CO2 are having a real effect on weather patterns resulting in an increase in the probability for droughts, floods, excessive snowfall, extreme cold and hot temperatures and many other climate-related problems. Even the chemistry of the air we breathe is changing with increased air pollution causing four cities in Ohio to be ranked among the 20 most soot-polluted in the country! The damage from climate change has repercussions that are felt worldwide, especially here in the Ohio farmer's community. There is an overwhelming 97% consensus on the science in the global scientific community. We need to take meaningful action to reduce carbon emissions as quickly as possible. With your help Congressman Pat Tiberi, we must put Ohio on the path to a better future for all our citizens.

Westerville, OH

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