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To: Ozamiz City Givernment

Uphold Ozamiznons' right a healthy and peaceful environment

Uphold Ozamiznons' right a healthy and peaceful environment

Demanding the City Government of Ozamiz to immediately stop the endorsement and reject the coal-fired power plant project.

Why is this important?

Ozamiznons are up against a big fight. And this time it is about their survival. It is about the future of their generation. It is about surviving amidst the daily challenges they are facing.
Sometime last year, 2014, concerned Ozamiznons were dipped into troubling hot waters. Concerned citizens and environmentalist who were familiar with the impacts and deleterious effect of coal fired power plants were anxious because of the Ozamiz City Government’s green light on the project. Ozamiz City is a component city of Misamis Occidental and is located right in the mouth of the rich Panguil Bay. It has a population of 133,105 last 2013 census and 123,137 households. Majority of the population still relies on forestry, agriculture and marine resources for livelihood and survival.
A stakeholders’ dialogue happened last April 22, 2013. However not much of the information were revealed aside from assurances that there was no agreement yet entered into by City Government. But right now concerned citizens complained about too much secrecy surrounding the proposed project. Even members of city council were not apprised. Worst, the provincial government of Misamis Occidental was not even consulted.
The negative impacts of coal fired power plant have been well document. A study commissioned by Greenpeace “Burning Our Future”, detailed about presence of mercury, a deadly neurotoxin in the fly ash samples taken from the 600-MW coal-fired power plant of Calaca, Batangas. Greenpeace challenged the Philippine government to conduct its own testing. What happened was earth shattering. Mercury was detected and even far worse than Greenpeace tests. The Calaca plant was described by Philippine Senator Sergio Osmeña III as “an environmental disaster I wouldn’t wish on anyone.” quote the Greenpeace Report.

But the most fatal of the impacts of coal ash is the 35 kilometer radius death zone from power plant. The May 2005 study made by W.F.Donahue, et al, of the Department of Biological Research of the University of Alberta, proves metallic concentrations of mercury, copper, lead, arsenic and selenium have increased 1.2 to 4 fold in areas located within the 35 km radius. Ozamiz City is a small city and all its barangays is within the 35 km radius death zone from host Barangay Pulot.

This Earth Day, let us remember the Ozamiznons assertion of the right to health and secured future. Let us all unite with all affected people to tell the City Government of Ozamiz to reject the coal fired power plant. Let us support the call of the Ozamiznons “ DON’T ROB US AND OUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN OUR FUTURE”. Let us hear their cry or else it will be too late.

Ozamiz City, Northern Mindanao, Philippines

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Reasons for signing

  • I have been quiet for years now, i might be young. I signed because i believe that one day if we "all" have the unity, we can stop everything that cause climate change. I care about our planet. I care about our future generation. I can't be quiet anymore, I want to be a voice now. I want to make a change, I want this world to be a better place. I want my children's children to live life happy in the future. The change starts within us, so why stay quiet. I want to be a part of this.
  • Just doing the .right thing
  • climate justice now!


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