• Let's make Puerto Rico 100% solar/wind-powered fast
    Hawaii plans to go 100% renewable, but Puerto Rico can beat them to it. Let the race begin!
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    Created by Will Driscoll
  • Georgia TRS Divest
    The Teachers Retirement System (TRS) of Georgia has significant investments in fossil fuel corporations, including Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Peabody Energy, BP, China Coal Energy, Conoco Phillips, and Royal Dutch Shell. We believe that investing in fossil fuel companies hastens climate change by providing those companies incentives to continue extracting and exploring for dirty forms of energy. Divestment would encourage energy companies to shift their resources toward renewable energy sources. The recent oil spill in Santa Barbara is just one of the many negative consequences of our reliance on fossil fuels. Besides rising carbon dioxide levels, other problems associated with our dependence on fossil fuels include the numerous wars fought for access to oil, the damage to the environment from fracking, tanker and pipeline spills, and air and water pollution.
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    Created by Georgia Teachers for Fossil Fuel Divestment
  • No public money for the Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline
    Last week, as the European Games begin in Baku, I was detained in Azerbaijan for speaking out against the fossil fuel funded Azeri regime. I was lucky, I was released. There are over 100 people facing years in Azeri jails - activists, journalists, filmmakers, academics and lawyers - anyone who criticises the regime. People like Rasul Jafarov. Rasul is a young, charismatic activist who founded the Sport for Rights campaign. He planned highlight the number of political prisoners in Azerbaijan during the Games, however a few weeks after starting the campaign Rasul himself became a political prisoner. The Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline will keep the repressive Aliyev regime in power by ensuring that fossil fuel revenues keep flowing to the country's ruling elite. The EBRD's loan to Lukoil will further entrench the Aliyev regime, buying them influence and money and making it making it even harder for those organising for democracy in Azerbaijan. The Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline is also a disaster for the climate. It will lock Europe into fossil fuels for the next fifty years and pump over 2 billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. If Europe is to avert the worst impacts of climate change, both at home and elsewhere, we must stop this pipeline. On 22 July the EBRD needs to say no to funding the Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline and send a signal to the growing resistance along the route of the pipeline that the era of fossil fuels is coming to an end.
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    Created by Emma Hughes
  • Green Day
    Green Day is important to the students of Prior Lake High School because we are concerned about the environment. This will help the students learn more about the environment. By turning all of the lights off we will limit the output of carbon dioxide. We need to use less energy and cut down the amount of carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere. While this is one small step on the global scale, it is a large step for our community. This will help set the pace for our future of environmental care.
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    Created by Grace Hansen
  • Keep Atimonan Coal-Free!
    We need to stand up and demand that governments and energy producers respect the fundamental right to breathe clean air and not see it as a threat to their profits. Coal-fired power plants speed up global warming by filling the atmosphere with vast amounts of carbon dioxide. Coal burning leads to acid rain and smog, and emits more than 60 different hazardous air pollutants such as a variety of toxic metals, organic compounds, acid gases, sulfur, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and particulate matter. Coal is an obsolete energy source that is already being phased out by renewable energy technologies.
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    Created by Chuck Baclagon
  • Refuse Bjørn Lomborg's Anti-climate Science Institute Funding
    Lomborg is the author of the bestselling book "The Skeptical Environmentalist". As a controversial writer, he has made many claims time and again that climate change is not the biggest problem facing humanity. He has made controversial statements saying that it is an issue we should develop our way out of instead of reducing fossil-fuel usage and calling for everyone to live "sustainable lives". Furthermore, he has hinted that energy shortage can be solved using coals, and that governments should not prioritize climate change enough to take action on pressing issues. In short, he views climate change as a "passing fad". And now we are appalled to see this climate contrarian has recently been given $4 million and the green light to set up and oversee the Australia Consensus Centre. As a former student at UWA, I am severely upset that my alma mater would behave in an unethical manner and go so far as to host and fund an individual who is a threat to climate change. Accepting the appointment of this author/climate contrarian would undermine UWA's credibility. Therefore, I urgently implore you to reconsider your decision, and do the climate change activists a favor by refusing the appointment of Bjørn Lomborg The undersigned, Marie Hayward - Social Activist at Blog Topics Inc
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    Created by Marie Hayward Picture
  • Keep fossil fuels in the ground in conservation priority areas
    Without such a mechanism there will be no way to ensure countries do not go ahead with fossil fuel exploration and exploitation in conservation priority areas, specially if the reserves are low development cost. This effect will be even stronger in a world of restricted fossil fuel extraction due to unburnable fuel policies and will put even more pressure on low to average cost reserves, including those under World Heritage Sites, protected areas or otherwise known to be of priority for conservation, and on which many local and indigenous people depend for their livelihood. Without this fund, it is not realistic to assume that poor and developing countries, affected by scarce resources, acute poverty and social development problems, may accept leaving fossil fuel reserves unexploited and forego the income they can thus obtain to help solve these problems.
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    Created by Maria R. Murmis
  • Uphold Ozamiznons' right a healthy and peaceful environment
    Ozamiznons are up against a big fight. And this time it is about their survival. It is about the future of their generation. It is about surviving amidst the daily challenges they are facing. Sometime last year, 2014, concerned Ozamiznons were dipped into troubling hot waters. Concerned citizens and environmentalist who were familiar with the impacts and deleterious effect of coal fired power plants were anxious because of the Ozamiz City Government’s green light on the project. Ozamiz City is a component city of Misamis Occidental and is located right in the mouth of the rich Panguil Bay. It has a population of 133,105 last 2013 census and 123,137 households. Majority of the population still relies on forestry, agriculture and marine resources for livelihood and survival. A stakeholders’ dialogue happened last April 22, 2013. However not much of the information were revealed aside from assurances that there was no agreement yet entered into by City Government. But right now concerned citizens complained about too much secrecy surrounding the proposed project. Even members of city council were not apprised. Worst, the provincial government of Misamis Occidental was not even consulted. The negative impacts of coal fired power plant have been well document. A study commissioned by Greenpeace “Burning Our Future”, detailed about presence of mercury, a deadly neurotoxin in the fly ash samples taken from the 600-MW coal-fired power plant of Calaca, Batangas. Greenpeace challenged the Philippine government to conduct its own testing. What happened was earth shattering. Mercury was detected and even far worse than Greenpeace tests. The Calaca plant was described by Philippine Senator Sergio Osmeña III as “an environmental disaster I wouldn’t wish on anyone.” quote the Greenpeace Report. But the most fatal of the impacts of coal ash is the 35 kilometer radius death zone from power plant. The May 2005 study made by W.F.Donahue, et al, of the Department of Biological Research of the University of Alberta, proves metallic concentrations of mercury, copper, lead, arsenic and selenium have increased 1.2 to 4 fold in areas located within the 35 km radius. Ozamiz City is a small city and all its barangays is within the 35 km radius death zone from host Barangay Pulot. This Earth Day, let us remember the Ozamiznons assertion of the right to health and secured future. Let us all unite with all affected people to tell the City Government of Ozamiz to reject the coal fired power plant. Let us support the call of the Ozamiznons “ DON’T ROB US AND OUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN OUR FUTURE”. Let us hear their cry or else it will be too late.
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    Created by Chuck Baclagon
  • Stop the PennEast Pipeline, Save the Environment!
    The truth is that PennEast is a private business that will force people off their land, will create only short term jobs, and would only be a way for a private company to transport their gas from Pennsylvania through our backyard to somewhere else. They will likely export much of what they produce, as their gas could fetch as much as four times the price it could here overseas. Crossing 88 waterways, 44 wetlands, and 30 parks, this pipeline also risks the area's natural beauty and the habitats of endangered species including the Bald Eagle, Ospreys and wood turtles among others. I implore the people and government agencies involved with the PennEast Pipeline to rethink this move and at least, postpone the pipeline until further public discussion can be had.
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    Created by Madelyn Morris
  • #StopStyrofoam
    Not only is styrofoam non-biodegradable, it is also made from a petroleum-based product called polystyrene. Styrene, which makes up polystyrene, has been called a possible carcinogen. Carcinogens are cancer-causing substances. Common contact with styrene can also cause irritation of the eyes, skin and upper respiratory system.
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    Created by Jane Miller
  • TPP: Trans-Pacific Partnership
    The interests we support of democratically accountable governance, economic justice, public health, and environmental and global climate well being could be overridden by new international institutions where decisions could be made behind closed doors and without the participation of those who would live with the results. “Trade” pacts such as TPP, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) impose expansive constraints on federal, state and local governments with respect to many non-trade policies, from food and product safety to financial regulation to local development and access to essential services to climate change and the environment and more. These pacts also establish new rights for foreign investors to operate under deregulated terms in financial services, natural resource extraction, and other sensitive sectors. Effectively, these "trade" agreements shift an ever-increasing number of issues away from local decision-making bodies and into inaccessible foreign venues where few citizens or elected officials can follow. TPP can and must be changed or replaced. It would impact an array of globalization issues, including implications for our jobs and wages; food, health and safety; environmental protection, economic justice, and democratic, accountable governance. It needs to be explained to the press, policymakers, and the public – building bottom-up pressure against its bad effects.
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    Created by David Landskov
  • Stop Gov. Christie’s big break to Exxon
    Gov. Christie’s administration just cut a surprise deal in lawsuit against Exxon for decades of toxic contamination -- virtually getting the wealthiest oil company in the world off the hook for $8 billion in damages to communities and wetlands. If you look at Gov. Christie’s past connections with Exxon, this shadiness isn’t much of a surprise. Exxon contributed ~ $2 million to a group that helped finance his reelection. It’s pure political corruption -- the kind of quid pro quo politics that gives major polluters like Exxon big breaks while road-blocking progress on clean energy and climate, or programs to mitigate the impacts of future storms. And to add insult to injury, it’s unclear whether any of the proposed $250 million settlement would even help the communities Exxon polluted for decades. It’s time to stand up to Big Oil and corrupt politics. It’s unacceptable for Gov. Christie to give big breaks to his wealthiest campaign donors on the backs of families living in storm-damaged homes and with toxic dumps in their back yards. Now is an especially important time to speak up because Gov. Christie still has the power to stop this dirty deal in its tracks. Sign this petition to demand that he hold Exxon accountable for its devastation to New Jersey communities and wetlands.
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    Created by Rosemary Carey Picture