• MoEF: Ministry of Environment & Forests (or) Moily's office of Environmental Failure?
    Till recently the unfortunate Bhopal Gas Tragedy was the worst environment disaster of India. Now it is appointment of Mr Veerapa Moily as Environment and Forest Minster. In his short tenure Mr Moily has taken enough decisions which will allow for many Bhopal like incidents to happen again. From giving illegal clearances to POSCO to start mining in Odisha to suggesting field testing of genetically modified or GM crops, Mr Moily has played a perfect role of a corporate puppet. When late Prime Minister of India, Smt.Indira Gandhi envisioned the Ministry of Environment and Forest, she would have never thought that her grandson will portray it as biggest hurdle in nation’s development. The current UPA government has done a great job of portraying MoEF as the biggest hurdle in nation’s development. In her short tenure Ms. Jayanthi Natarajan approved most of the project which came for clearance. Her fake resistance to establish a National Investment Board ( known as Cabinet Committee on Investment) was also ignored by UPA. Yet over last few week Mr Moily has declared her as the most inefficient Minister of MoEF and has vowed to clear projects, not review them. Not to mention that as Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas there a huge conflict of interest in the additional role he is handling. The broad objectives of the Ministry are: • Conservation and survey of flora, fauna, forests and wildlife • Prevention and control of pollution • Afforestation and regeneration of degraded areas • Protection of the environment and • Ensuring the welfare of animals However as per the new Environment minister Mr Moily these objectives should be: • Clear all the Corporate backed project • Ignore people’s voice over corporate noise • Make getting clearances as easy as possible In an attempt to win corporate backing( financially) for upcoming election, Dr Manmohan Singh handed over the MoEF to Mr Moily. So far he has done a great job of winning corporate funds but a poor job on winning trust of citizens of India who will vote in the upcoming election. If Mr Moily can clear 70 projects in 20 days only, imagine what he can do in coming 4 months. Many of these projects were delayed because of legal cases pending against project, Mr Moily has surpassed all these. The not so famous POSCO project is one of the many such controversial projects which are still under scrutiny by court and yet given a go ahead by Minister. In order to protect rights of fellow Indians and to save India's ever diminishing forest cover, we need to get Mr Moily out of MoEF. We need to tell UPA head and Prime Minister of India no minister is above people's rights. We need to come together and demand for a stronger ministry which acts as guardian of India's natural resources not as its seller.
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  • First Nations: We believe you, not Big Oil CEO's
    Neil Young continues to make national headlines with his cross-Canada concert tour this week, and Canadians are responding in droves, crowdfunding almost $60,000 for ACFN’s legal defence at www.HonourTheACFN.ca. Young’s response to the Prime Minister’s attacks was brilliant: “... to the thousands of hard-working Canadians… we have respect for all working people. The quandary we face is the job they are working on. They are digging a hole that our grandchildren will have great trouble digging their way out of. … There are better jobs to be developing, with clean energy industries to help make the world a safer place for our grandchildren.” Canada must clean up its act in the oil sands, and stop denying the significant downside to out of control resource exploitation that only benefits a few yet leaves such a great cost for the rest of us. Now is the time to push: thanks to Neil’s concerts this week, the media's attention is finally on the reality of tar sands impacts, and his message is reaching ordinary Canadians across the country. Let's show the Athabasca Chipewyan and other First Nations that Canadians acknowledge their reality and want solutions for the tar sands disaster, not more denial and empty talking points. Please sign and share. Let’s do this, Jason P.S. 100% of the funds from Neil’s tour are going to the legal defence fund of the ACFN, and over 1,000 generous supporters have donated to their crowdfunding website! They are ¾ of the way to their goal of $75,000. Can you chip in $10? www.HonourTheACFN.ca Sources: Neil Young Comments get massive support in Alberta: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/01/14/neil-young-oilsands-comments_n_4597793.html Neil Young Responds to PMO’s Defence of Oilsands: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/neil-young-responds-to-pmo-s-defence-of-oilsands-1.2494950
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  • Hang Your Pants, Stop the Plants
    A petition to President Obama, The First Family, and White House housekeeper According to the EIA six percent of residential electricity consumption is due to the tumble dryer, but this does not account for the 18% of people who dry with gas nor the huge number of people who go to laundromats or shared laundry areas (commercial) nor the millions of pounds of laundry done by hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and prisons (more commercial). President Obama, early in his first term, installed a kitchen garden on the White House lawn. Jimmy Carter installed solar panels and asked us to turn down the thermostat and wear a sweater. There is reason to believe that there is a clothesline at The White House already, but the First Family is not public about it. We are facing devastating climate change impacts, largely brought on by consumption habits in the developed world. This symbolic act by the Obamas--installing a clothesline--could provide an example to the world, especially dryer-using Americans, of a way that families can save energy and money. I am the "Laundry Guy" who started Project Laundry List when I heard a 1995 speech by Dr. Helen Caldicott, claiming that we could shutter our nuclear plants if we all hung out our clothes. I have dedicated my life to this work and hope that you will join the cause.
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  • Say no to corporate power grabs - reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership
    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a highly secretive and expansive free trade agreement between the United States and twelve Pacific Rim countries, including Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. Leaked text reveals that the TPP would empower corporations to directly sue governments in private and non-transparent trade tribunals over laws and policies that corporations allege reduce their profits. Legislation designed to address climate change, curb fossil fuel expansion and reduce air pollution could all be subject to attack by corporations as a result of TPP. Additionally, the deal could criminalize internet use, undermine workers’ and human rights, manipulate copyright laws, restrict government regulation of food labeling and adversely impact subsidized healthcare. The movement we are building locally, nationally and globally to move beyond fossil fuels and create a safe climate future is growing by the day and the fossil fuel industry is getting scared of the uncertainty ahead. The TPP is a symptom of this fear – a massive bid to overthrow any restrictions we might throw at them. But we can stop this. The might of our movement is greater than their money or manipulation. Sign this petition to show our governments that we won’t stand for foreign corporations disabling our sovereignty, democratic processes or the right to a safe future. https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.350.org/images/TPP-relaced.png
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  • A National Renewable Energy Grid
    Australia should set an international example by implementing the plan designed and fully costed by Beyond Zero Emissions environmental organisation and The University of Melbourne Energy Research Institute. In the absence of any agreed plan to rapidly phase out the burning of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions are set to go on increasing for decades. This will prevent any chance of restricting global temperature rise to two degrees Celsius. As James Hansen of NASA bluntly states "The target that has been talked about in international negotiations for two degrees of warming is actually a prescription for long-term disaster." The current Australian target of 5% reduction of emissions by 2020 is dangerously inadequate. A target of 40-60% by 2030 is needed and may still be within reach if we begin construction of a national renewable energy grid over a ten year time frame without more loss of time. With accelerating release of methane from permafrost and the ocean floor, a positive feedback effect we could do nothing to slow could lead to runaway and irreversible warming, causing temperature rises of three to four degrees or more above pre-industrial. This would be disastrous for all life on the planet. We must stop burning fossil fuels. A national and international wind and solar transition scheme is urgently needed, technically achievable, and humanly possible. Ref: Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan – http://bze.org.au/ I believe Australia’s great resource of sunlight should be the opportunity for the country to lead the world in exploiting this renewable energy. – David Suzuki “The time has come, once and for all, for this nation to fully embrace a clean-energy future.” - Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, June 2010 Image: SOLUCAR PS10 afloresm
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  • Nothing Free, Except Sun: Solar Streetlights in University of the Punjab
    Pakistan is contributing very little to the greenhouse gas emissions, but is getting severely impacted by the disastrous impacts of climate change. Additionally, it is going through a worst energy crisis, which requires an urgent solution. Developing new power generation plants based on non-renewable energy resources can put a long term economic pressure on Pakistan. With reasonable supply of solar radiation in Lahore, solar technology can provide an easy and cost effective solution to a population of almost 10 million. However, due to lack of knowledge about this clean power source and poor marketing strategies used by the solar companies, few households from upper class of the city are benefiting from it. University of the Punjab is Asia's largest and one of the oldest educational institutions of Pakistan. Shifting the whole campus to solar energy can motivate youth and middle class of the city to adopt this technology. This petition will be presented to the Vice Chancellor of the university to advise him to convert energy supply of the street lights in Quaid-e-Azam Campus to solar power. This will not only reduce dependency of the university on fossil fuels but will also protect environment. Enthusiastic volunteers of Pakistan Sustainability Network from University of the Punjab and other universities of Lahore have taken the task to ask the VC of the university to take this green initiative. The organization stresses that rather than looking towards the Government, we must take steps to conserve our environment. So are you with PSN?
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  • Vận động khu đô thị Phú Mỹ Hưng lắp pin Năng lượng mặt trời - Solar Panel in Phu My Hung City Center
    Sự tham gia của Phú Mỹ Hưng ủng hộ Năng lượng sạch và tiến đến hành động lắp đặt những tấm pin Mặt trời đầu tiên sẽ là bước đi quan trọng trong việc kêu gọi trách nhiệm xã hội của doanh nghiệp, hướng tới mục tiêu phát triển năng lượng bền vững, ứng phó với Biến đổi khí hậu. This is gonna be the great example for the corporate citizenship of supporting renewable energy as well as for the whole community in Vietnam.
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  • Ecocide is a Crime against Peace and needs an additional International Law to Stop it.
    Our environment is unprotected from the misuse of its abundant assets. Damaging it ultimately damages all living organisms of which Humans are just one. Perils such as climate change, toxification of land, river systems and oceans, loss of tropical and temperate rain forests with all their dependent species and loss of polar and mountain glacial deposits are some of the well known consequences of Ecocide in action, unchallenged by an unaware populace in who's name the destruction is excused. This must stop and we all must say it. The world already has produced 4 laws that protect peace that can be enforced in the International Criminal Court including the crime of Genocide. An additional law, Ecocide would protect all species that enjoy an ecosystem from deliberate harm to the system. This would disincentivise investments in corporations who damage our environment and would make CEO's of them liable to criminal charges if they break the law. This legal process has already been proved to work in a mock trial in 2011 in London, UK. Please will you also sign the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) which has a legal standing? www.endecocide.eu
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  • Stop coal-based Rampal power plant and save Sundarban.
    Sundarban is the world’s largest mangrove forest and a UNESCO world’s heritage site. This proposed power plant is going to be built within 14 km of the forest, more precisely just 9km away from many reserved sections of the forest. This will definitely have a devastating and irreversible impact on the Sundarbans, its ecology and biodiversity. For establishing this 1320 Megawatt power plant, Bangladesh will need to import about 4.72 million tons of coal each year. This massive freight will need about 59 ships each having an 80,000 ton capacity that take to the port which is 40 Kilometers away from the plant and its route cuts through the Sundarbans. The scale of impact is beyond doubt and that has stirred the local dwellers and environmental activists to stop this dangerous project. Many esteemed organisations, political parties and national leaders have spoken against the Rampal plant. The message has been simple - “There are many alternatives to generate power, but Sundarbans has no alternative”. We need you to join the struggle and build international support to stop the Rampal plant, demand alternative energy and preserve the beautiful forests of the Sundarbans.
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  • IMF and World Bank: End Fossil Fuel Subsidies
    In order to avert 2°C global temperature rise, 80% of known fossil fuel reserves need to be kept in the ground. That's the only way we're avoid catastrophic climate change. The business model of fossil fuel corporations is to burn more coal, gas, and oil every year, which ends up in the atmosphere. There business model is at odds with the math of climate name. As a global society, we need to stop subsidizing this world-altering activity.
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  • Climate Justice for Tuvaluans
    Tuvaluans are not as aware of the reasons why they are experiencing extreme climatic changes. Most just think that it is an act of God that is constantly punishing people for various reasons through droughts especially. This not only shows ignorance of the facts and reality around them but a need to change mind sets so that people can easily adapt and also prepare them for the worst to come. Tuvalu is one of the smallest island nations in the world and it is almost ignored in the international arena because of its population and land mass size. The international arena may not be paying so much attention because we have no wealth in terms of GDP and GNP. However, just because we do not have monetary significance as a developing small island nation we are humans and deserve the rights afforded upon all to have a home, identity, language and self determination. Most Tuvaluans have no clue of what the climate justice stance Tuvalu has as in where will we be moving if sea level rises to a point where people are forced to migrate? Where will our 10,000 Tuvaluans live in 50years time? What plans do we have in terms of fighting climate change? Are we asking developed and powerful nations to mitigate? Are we just going to sit back and try to adapt as best possible? So many unanswered questions need to have answers.
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  • ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, on our climate threat
    The year of 2013 has witnessed 3 MAJOR STRIKES on the climate front. ONE - passing the mark of 400 parts per million of atmospheric carbon, in MAY 2013. TWO - a study was released in AUGUST 2013, revealing the fastest acceleration yet, of acidification in the ocean, marking ten times the norm, which was substantiated by a Columbia Univ study in March 2012, indicating the pace of ocean acidification has no parallel in 300 million years. THREE - at the writing of this petition, a major city - San Francisco - is currently threatened by wildfire, potentially shutting down its water and power supply - AUGUST 2013. World cities are showing constant threat now from wildfire, floods and hurricanes.
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